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X-ed Out Pre-1964 State Shield

Former Pre-1964 Signed State Route 740

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Status Status

1934-1935 SSR 740 This number is not assigned to a post-1964 route.

Pre 1964 Signage History Pre 1964 Signage History

In 1934, Route 740 was signed along the route from Jct. Route 111 near Indian Wells to Jct. US 60 near Riverside, via Perris.

The routing between Riverside and Perris was resigned as US 395 in around 1935.

The portion from Perris to Route 111 was resigned to Route 74 by 1935, as a 1935 state highway map shows the route running as Route 74 between Perris and Coachella. It was a 1933 extension to LRN 64.

On a 1934 Department of Public Works Guide Route 74 was announced as a highway running from US 101 near San Juan Capistrano east on the Ortega Highway to Route 740 in Perris. Route 740 was added as a Signed State Route from US 60 in Riverside east to Route 111 in Coachella Valley. US 395 was officially extended into California during a June 1934 AASHO meeting. US 395 annexed what was to have been Route 740 on LRN 78 between Riverside and Perris. It also multiplexed Route 74 west of Perris before turning south towards Temecula on what previously had been Route 71. Route 740 east of Perris wasn't immediately consolidated into Route 74 as it appears east of Route 74/US 395 on a 1935 Goshua Highway Map of California. Route 740 east of Perris was annexed into Route 74 in 1935, as Route 74 appears as a singular route between San Juan Capistrano and Coachella Valley on the 1935 Division of Highways State Map.
(Source: Gribblenation Blog "California State Route 74; the Pines to Palms Highway", a/o 11/23/2019)

Naming Naming

This segment is traditionally known as the Palms-to-Pines Highway. What became the Pines to Palms Highway was constructed in a joint project by Riverside County and the National Forest Service in the 1920s. The Pines to Palms Highway was officially designated by Riverside County in 1930. The Pines to Palms Highway opening ceremony was held on June 18th 1932 according to a July 1932 Department of Public Works Publication.

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