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Post-1964 Legistlative Route Graphic

Former State Route 228

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Routing Routing

Fmr Rte 228 (1963-1998)Nocurrent routing.

Post 1964 Signage History Post 1964 Signage History

Post-1964 Legistlative Route Graphic In 1963, Route 228 was defined as the route "Route 86 approximately two and one-half miles southwest of Brawley to Route 86 approximately two miles west of Brawley." The routing would roughly have been a continuation of Imperial Avenue NB to near Kalin Ave, bypassing downtown Brawley. The routing was never constructed or signed. There is no connection between this routing and Brawley Bypass later constructed along Route 78 (bypassing downtown Brawley).

Tom Fearer provides some additional information. The routing would have followed Malan Canal and Sandal Canal west of Brawley. The proposed route was never mentioned in CHPW.
(Source: Gribblenation Blog (Tom Fearer), "Paper Highways: Unbuilt California State Route 228", July 2022)

In 1998, AB 2132, Chapter 877, (September 26, 1998) deleted the routing.

Pre 1964 Signage History Pre 1964 Signage History

This was LRN 26. It may have been a bypass of US 99.

Statistics Statistics

Overall statistics for former Route 228:

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Pre-1964 Legislative Route Pre-1964 Legislative Route

In 1947 (1st Ex Sess), Chapter 11 defined LRN 228 as “a connection between [LRN 5] and [LRN 69] near San Lorenzo”.

In 1959, Chapter 1062 swapped the endpoints and extended the routing to [LRN 258]: “[LRN 69] [LRN 258] near San Lorenzo to [LRN 5] near Hayward

This is an unsigned portion of Route 238 between I-580 and unconstructed Route 61.

Acronyms and Explanations:

Back Arrow Route 227 Forward Arrow Route 229

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