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Highway Numbering
Highway Numbering in California


In California, the state legislature designates all State highway routes and assigns route numbers, which are used for all administrative purposes. The intent is that the state highway system serve the heavily traveled rural and urban corridors, connect the communities and regions of the State, and connect centers of commerce, industry, agriculture, mineral wealth, and recreation. To the extent possible, the number used on each route's guide signs is the same as the legislatively designated route number.

Each route in the State Highway System is given a unique number for identification and signed with distinctive numbered Interstate, U.S. or California State route shields to guide public travel. Route numbers used on one system are not duplicated on another system. Routes are also numbered with post miles, and (coming soon to your neighborhood) freeways are numbered with exit numbers.

This page (and its subsidiary pages) explores the rhyme and reason of the numbering of highways in California. It also explores signing standards, and other ancillary number-related areas, such as exit numbers. It contains the following sections:

The numbering of routes in the County Sign Route system is addressed in the County Sign Route pages.

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