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Former US Highway 466

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Routing Routing

Former U.S. 466No current routing. Note that the map to the right does not show some of the reroutings near Atascadero and Paso Robles, which are explained in the next map.

Pre 1964 Signage History Pre 1964 Signage History

Rtes 41 - 46 - 466In 1934, US 466 was commissioned, running over a variety of legislative routes. Until July 1, 1964, the following route was signed as US 466:

  1. Present-day Route 41 between Route 1 and US 101 near Atascadero. This was LRN 125, defined in 1933.
  2. Prior to the late 1950s, LRN 125 between Atascadero and Shandon. There may have been a time this was routed along LRN 137 between Creston and a road 3 mi S of Creston, along what is Route 229, at least around 1938.
  3. Around 1959, US 466 was rerouted along present-day US 101 between Atascadero and Paso Robles. This was LRN 2.
  4. Around 1959, present-day Route 46 between US 101 near Paso Robles and present-day Route 99 near Famoso via Cholame Pass. Between Shandon and Cholame, the route was cosigned as Route 41/US 466. The Route 46 segment was LRN 33, defined in 1915; the Route 99 segment was LRN 4. US 466 eastbound entered Famoso via LRN 33 where it met US 99/LRN 4. US 466 eastbound followed US 99/LRN 4 southbound to Bakerfield. By the mid-1930s, traffic on US 99/LRN 4 and US 466/LRN 33 was heavy. Removal of at-grade railroad overpasses were highly desired and generally were a priority for the Division of Highways on US 99/LRN 4 in San Joaquin Valley during the 1930s. The first reference to a recommendation of a new "railroad subway" in Famoso appears in the October 1935 CHPW guide. US 99/US 466/LRN 4 is shown to be aligned over a new subway overpass onto a bypass route of Famoso on the 1938 Division of Highways State Map. The bypass route of Famoso used by US 99/US 466/LRN 4 essentially was built on the same grade Route 99 on the Golden State Freeway occupies today.
    (Source: Gribblenation Blog "Former US Route 99,US Route 466, and California State Route 65 through Famoso")
  5. Present-day Route 58 between Bakersfield and Barstow. This was LRN 58, defined in 1919. According to Tom Fearer on the Gribblenation Blog, the routing of US 466 compared to modern Route 58 is substantially different from Tehachapi west to Bakersfield (the blog has a number of maps detailing the differences between Route 58 and US 466). Heading westward US 466 would have diverged from Route 58 onto Tehachapi Boulevard passing through the community of Monolith before entering the city of Tehachapi proper. Within Tehachapi US 466 turned south on Curry Street and west on Valley Boulevard.

    Originally Route 202/LRN 144 would have started heading south from US 466 on Woodford-Tehachapi Road. Woodford-Tehachapi Road heads directly north through Old Town Tehachapi. When LRN 58 west extended west of Mojave in 1931, it used the existing county roads through Tehachapi Pass.

    Bena Road starts at the Route 58 junction with Bealville Road. US 466 would have followed Bena Road westward as it crosses under the grade of Route 58. Bena Road and US 466 followed Caliente Creek into San Joaquin Valley. At Tower Line Road the designation of Bena Road changes to Edison Highway. US 466 continued west through the community of Edison on Edison Highway. West of Edison the alignment of US 466 on Edison Highway met LRN 143 at Weedpatch Highway. Weedpatch Highway is now signed as Route 184. At this at-grade railroad crossing US 466 on Edison Highway would have entered the City of Bakersfield. US 466 made a turn towards downtown Bakersfield on Sumner Street. Originally US 466 would have met Route 178 on Sumner Street at Beale Avenue at an at-grade intersection. Route 178 would have multiplexed US 466 west to 24th Street, today Beale Avenue is on a fly-over grade. At Union Avenue/Golden State Avenue US 466 met US 99 and US 399. US 399 had a northern terminus multiplexed on US 99 directly to the left on Union Avenue. US 466 would have split right on US 99 via Golden State Avenue, Route 178 would have followed to 24th Street until it was realigned in 1963.

    US 99/466 multiplexed through Bakersfield on Golden State Avenue on what is now the routing of Route 204 to Route 99. From the end of Route 204 the alignment of US 466 followed US 99 on what is now the Route 99/Golden State Freeway to Famoso.
    Source for the above: Gribblenation Blog (Tom Fearer): Legacy of US Route 466 Part 2; Tehachapi to Bakersfield.

  6. Present-day I-15 (former US 91) between Barstow and the Nevada state line. This was LRN 31, defined in 1925.

H/T: Tom Fearer (Max Rockatansky) and the crew at AARoads for helping to sort this out.

Additionally, LRN 141 was the planned rerouting for US 466 to bypass downtown Bakersfield (back when LRN 4/US 99 (and US 399) was on the Route 204/Business Route 99 alignment) back in 1933; this rerouting only occured in the 1960s however with the construction of the freeways which are now Route 58 and Route 58/Route 99 (explaining why the definition of the route is from LRN 4 to LRN 4: from Brundage at Route 204 to the current Route 99/Route 58/Route 178 interchange at Rosedale Highway/24th Street, where Oak Street ends). Looking at the bridge log, the Route 204/Business Route 99 (former LRN 4) freeway in downtown Bakersfield between LRN 141's two termini (current Route 58 and Route 99) was built in stages: the first section, the Union Avenue Y, was finished in 1957, followed by the Truxtun Avenue crossing in 1959. Most of the section north of L Street and the Chester Avenue traffic circle was also built in 1957; so the construction of the LRN 141 (99/58) freeways occured only once CalTrans decided that the old downtown bypass was more suitable for the through routes. The interchanges connecting Business Route 99 with Route 99 were built in 1962 and 1963, as part of the Bakersfield bypass. Thus by 1964, former LRN 141 had been upgraded to freeway between Brundage Lane and Rosedale Highway; however, the portion from Union Avenue (Route 204/Business Route 99) west to Route 99 would not be built until 1976, at which point Route 58 was moved off of former US 466/LRN 58 (Edison Highway) and onto the new freeway, which is part of the Bakersfield-Tehachapi Highway.

One contributor (Rebecca K.) opined that Twenty-Mule Team Road may be a former routing of US 466 through Boron. This is also the claim of AARoads. It is also the claim of a resident of Mojave since 1948, so it is likely true.

This route was signed in 1934.

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