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California Highways

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This page provides a variety of links to related information on California routing, Southern California transporation history, and highway signage. I welcome comments and corrections to this information; you may reach me by sending Email to

Note: Individual highway entries also contain highway specific links.

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Kurumi's 3di LogoUS Highways LogoUS 66 Logo Highway Routes and Related Information. The links on this page provide information on Interstate Highways and the National Highway System, US Highways, and famous highways and roads. Here you will find links to lists of Interstate and US Highways, and be able to learn more about both systems.

MKPL LogoCreating Interstates LogoOERM Logo History. The links on this page provide information on the history of the highway system, especially in California. They also provide links to highway and transit related museums, such as railroad museums.

USA FlagCanada FlagAustralia Flag Regional Links. These are links of official and unofficial state highway pages, including pages developed by the "roads scholars" in misc.transport.road.

James Lin's Highway Markers LogoSignmaker LogoFieldguide Logo
Trafficstuf LogoSignalfan Logo
Other Highway Related Information. The links on this page provide information on highway-related matters: signals, signage, interchanges, etc. This is where you will find the links to Kurumi's Signmaker, the directory of State Highway Markers, Caltrans Bloopers, and much more.

Caltrans LogoSCAG Logo
Resources. The links on this page provide links to key resources: links to transit systems such as the LA MTA, links to government organizations, such as CalTrans, and links to quasi-government organizations, such as the Southern California Association of Governments.

[Legislative Information]
Current California Highway-Related Legislation. This page provides an index of legislation in the current California State legislative session that is related to highways and that I am tracking.

[Legislative Information]
Recommended Reading List. This pages provides a large number of recommendations for further reading on highway and highway related subjects. You can either treat this as a simple recommendation list, or you can purchase the books through the list and help support the California Highways Home Page.

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