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Sources and Credits
Sources and Credits

This information is derived from the following references, as well as additional research in newspaper articles, California Transportation Commission minutes, and other public documents:

...and a number of other books that, alas, I neglected to capture the name of.

A special nod of thanks is given to the following individuals:

Other information is from personal research and from the Urban Archives at Cal State Northridge (formerly Valley State), the Caltrans Library, the California State Highway Code, and contributions and corrections from various net folk, including Gary Araki, John Bejarano, Chris Carlsson, Dennis Carr, Casey Cooper, Eric Ching, Karl Davisson, David Edgren, Hank Fung, John David Galt, Mark Furqueron, Ralph Herman, Nick Karels, J.P. Kirby, James Lin, Richard Moeur, M. Ray Mullins, Scott Oglesby (especially for information on the history of the three-digit interstates in California and San Francisco freeway history), Numan Parada, Steve Riner, Matthew Salek, Calvin Sampang, Roberto Arturo Schafer, Duncan Shaw, Bill Sharp, Brian Smith, Sam Smith, David Stanek, Kevin Standlee, James Sterbenz, Dan Stober, Don Williams, David Whiteman, various participants on misc.transport.road and ca.general, and others whom I cannot remember. Information on El Camino Real is from the Los Angeles Almanac. Some (alas not all) of these folks are credited on individual pages, when the contribution was significant.

Over the last ten years, I have made a much stronger effort to give credit where credit is due, at the point the material was used. You will find references throughout this website, although there is no guarantee the links remain current (newspaper websites often have links go stale after a year or three). Thank you to those whose material I excerpted, and hopefully I have preserved it long after easy access through the original link is gone. I do claim fair use of the material as part of this site; further, this site is non-profit, does not accept advertising, so I'm not making anything off the material.

I have also received information from the Public Information officers of the following Caltrans districts:

I also thank Mel Aros, Program Coordinator for the California County Route Marker Program in Sacramento, who had to go to files archived off a mainframe computer in 1984 to get me a listing of all the routes in the program.

Lastly, I thank the many other Caltrans staffers (you know who you are) who have provided me information on various topics over the years.

Graphics on these pages were derived from a variety of sources, such as the reference texts cited above, R C Moeur's "Traffic Stuff" pages, and James Lin state route signage pages. The highway sign graphics on the index page were derived from Kurumi's Signmaker program, and reworked to say what I want them to say, and be 256 color GIFs. All graphics have been modified from their original forms and reworked to some extent to ensure they load fast (usually by reducing them in size and to 16-colors). Sign shield graphics came from the AARoad Sign Generator (while it was working) and from Kendrick's Shields Up. Maps on highway pages were mostly derived from the Caltrans Postmile Tool, which uses Google Maps as its underlying base. Historical maps are from California State Highway maps, typically as posted by David Rumsey (all listed on my maps page). The graphics for the National Trails are adapted from those on Dave Schul's North American Auto Trails site (which, alas, is no more). The graphics for California Counties are adapted from the excellent county data pages at the California State Association of Counties. Graphics for Caltrans districts are adapted from a map at the Caltrans website. Many of the graphics used to accompany status updates are extracted from the background items supporting the CTC meeting minutes.

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