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Site Change Log
2002 Changes

December 2002:

As the California Legislature has started a new session, I cleaned up the legislative monitoring page and started it for the 2002-2004 Legislative Session.

Did the usual process of link updates.

Fixed an error on Route 79. Updated the status information on Route 14, Route 39, Route 58, US 50, Route 75, US 101, Route 210, I-405.

November 2002:

Again, a month mostly focusing energies elsewhere, but I didn find a morning to squeeze a few updates in.

Added a Frequently Asked Questions page for those questions that don't quite fit in anywhere else. Did the usual link updates.

Added a link to the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road. This also included updates to I-5, Route 36, Route 44, Route 89, US 97, Route 139, Route 147, and County Sign Route A13.

Added history information to the following routes: Route 1, Route 92, Route 122, Route 135, Route 196, Route 249, Santa Barbara County Sign Route S20.

Updated status information on the following routes: US 50, Route 57, I-80, Route 83, Route 210, I-405, I-680.

Captured the following legislative changes:

Incorporated a few items from the November 2002 CTC Agenda:

As for the December 2002 CTC agenda...

October 2002:

October was a quiet month, where I focused my energies on other projects and took a break from the highway pages. Most of these changes were put in at the end of the month.

Many routes had minor changes based on information posted on Usenet or uncovered from other sources. Routes pages modified include I-5, Route 7, Route 11, US 50, Route 86 (NAFTA Farm-To-Market Highway), Route 90, Route 93, Route 111, Route 125, Route 150, I-210, I-280, Route 480, Route 905. These updates included the usual set of link updates.

Based on the list of TCRP projects listed in the ballot text for Proposition 51 (no on 51, yes on secession!), which was actually a quote from Section 14556.40 of the California Government Code, I included references to all TCRP Projects that related to routes on the state highway system (in other words, I excluded local streets, rail corridors, and non-automotive forms of transit). This included updates to Route 1 (#46), Route 2 (#142), Route 4 (#16), I-5 (#41, #42, #43, #82, #88, #108), I-10 (#40, #58, #59, #61), Route 12 (#25, #157), I-15 (#60, #83), Route 22 (#70), Route 24 (#15), Route 41 (#95), Route 43 (#94), Route 46 (#113), Route 47 (#44), US 50 (#126, #134), Route 52 (#84), Route 56 (#85), Route 62 (#129), Route 65 (#114, #122), Route 71 (#50), I-80 (#25), Route 85 (#127), Route 91 (#62, #64), Route 94 (#77, #87), Route 98 (#148), Route 99 (#89, #90, #103, #104, #105, #135, #140), US 101 (#3, #5, #17, #22, #47, #48, #51, #143, #159), Route 125 (#87), Route 132 (#109, #110), Route 180 (#91, #93), I-205 (#107), Route 198 (#111), Route 215 (#57), Route 262 (#6), I-380/Southern Crossing (#11), I-405 (#39, #51), I-580 (#31), I-680 (#4, #25), I-805 (#82), I-880 (#8), and I-905 (#86).

Added information on the directives guiding the exit numbering program, from Caltrans Policy Directive TR-0011 (REV 7/01/2001)

Held discussions with Marc Wong, Webmaster for District 7. He is correcting the web pages to provide appropriate references and links to this site.

Entered information from the Draft 2002 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (FY 2002/2003-2007/2008). This included changes to the following routes: Route 1, Route 74, Route 98, Route 111, Route 126, Route 241, and I-605.

September 2002:

For those of you using IE5 or better, or Netscape 7 or equivalent, you'll now see a website icon. Added some more annotations to books in the book lists for books that I either have or have rented from the library.

Updated information on Route 2, I-5, Pre-1934 State Sign Route 7, Route 14, US 50, Route 54, Route 56, Route 79, Route 91, Route 125, Route 281, Route 371, and I-405. Added some more Las Vegas sites, and a new book to the book list, at the recommendation of Don Hagstrom. Incorporated information into the Chronology from Statewide Transportation Planning in California: Past Experience and Lessons for the Future, a discussion paper by Jeff Brown of UCLA.

Added information on the Juan DeAnza Trail, including a new page summarizing the route, and additions to each component route's pages: Route 1, Route 4, I-5, I-8, I-10, I-15, Route 25, Route 60, Route 68, Route 74, Route 78, Route 79, I-80, Route 82, Route 85, Route 86, Route 98, US 101, Route 111, Route 130, Route 134, Route 156, I-215, Route 227, Route 237, Route 238, Route 246, I-280, Route 371, I-580, County Sign Route G7, County Sign Route G14, County Sign Route G17, County Sign Route J2, County Sign Route J4, County Sign Route S2, County Sign Route S3, County Sign Route S22.

Added some information regarding recent bills that had been passed, and in general, updated the legislative information page:

Incorporated the following actions of interest from the July 2002 CTC Agenda:

Noted that a fair portion of the highway information on the site appears to have been excerpted by Caltrans District 7 into an interactive Highway Information Map that they had posted. Alas, they failed to give me any credit or point people to for more information. I've dropped them a note on this.

August 2002:

Added an extensive recommended reading list, with affiliate links to Amazon and Rand McNalley. I welcome any annotations on the text selected, or recommendations for additional texts.

Did the usual round of link updates. In particular, moved my links on the History of Las Vegas from my home page to my history links page, in preparation for a home page remodeling and simplification.

Updated some status information on Route 51 and Route 52. Added some more information from the San Francisco Bay Crossings Study to Route 92, I-380. Added information on the naming of Route 118. Updated status information on I-880. Updated status information on Route 178 and Route 168, thanks to information from Edward Narry. Updated information on Route 180 and Route 198, thanks to information provided by Don Hagstrom. Added status inforamtion to Route 80, thanks to a posting by Joe Rouse.

Incorporated the following actions of interest from the August 2002 CTC Agenda:

Updated information on current legislation. Unfortuantely, a number of bills were subject to a common happening after the bill deadline: they were amended to eviscerate the original content, and had totally new content added. Thus, I found a few new bills, and had to delete some old ones. The following were the bills that were chaptered:

July 2002:

Incorporated material obtained from a visit to the Caltrans Library (thanks to Shirleigh Brannon, History Librarian, for all her help). This includes the following material:

Added more information to the Chronology, based on information found in One Hundred Years of Progress by Raymond Forsyth and Joseph Hagwood, published by the California Transportation Foundation.

Did the usual round of link updates and additions. Added more links to Jeff Stapleton's excellent Stapler's Highways. Added some additional links to the CalNexus Pages. Added more links to Joel Windmiller's pages. Did a link verification pass (checking over 1000 of them)! Alas, with the departure of Xoom/NBCi, many good sites have gone missing, including all of JPKirby's stuff.

Updated some more status on the demolished I-680/Route 238 connection, Route 84, Route 138, and Route 180. Updated some historical information on Route 24, Route 118, I-5, Route 164, and the Four Level Interchange of US 101 and Route 110. Added some updates to the Interstate History. Added some information on exit tabs, based on a posting by Joe Rouse. Added some information on the "Southern Crossing" to I-380. Added some information on the steepness of the grade on Route 108. Corrected some information on US 399.

Incorporated the following actions of interest from the July 2002 CTC Agenda:

Added information on the following recently passed legislation, and incorporated information on newly proposed legislation:

June 2002:

Reviewed the California Legislature site for updates. Nothing new of real significance.

Did the usual link updates. Updated status information on the following routes: Route 4, Route 5, Route 66, Route 51, Business Route 80, Route 262, I-680. Updated exit list links.

Incorporated the following actions of interest from the June 2002 CTC Agenda:

May 2002:

Added some information on numbering in National Forests. Did the usual round of link maintenance and addition. Added some updates on highway construction status for Route 210/Route 30 and Route 56, thanks to information posted by Don Hagstrom on m.t.r. Updated the status of Route 110 to note a recent, ahem, unauthorized sign modification. Updated information on the Truckee Bypass, specifically the interchange between Route 89 and Route 267. Added some clarifications regarding LRN 225 and its completion status. Added information on the history of Alamont Pass on I-580. Added information to I-5 on the illegal immegrant crossing sign (which is one of my more frequently asked questions). Updated the status of the I-680 bridge to nowhere. Updated the status of the gap closure of Route 4.

Reworked the Numbering page to include more information on Forest Routes and on the rationale behind California's signing standards. This involved a major restructuring of these pages.

Added a whole batch of information to the site, in response to information received as a result of being mentioned in a LA Times (you can search for the story, but now you have to pay for it. Email me if you need a copy) article. This included some corrections on I-5 (Ridge Route) and Route 110.

Incorporated the following actions of interest from the May 2002 CTC Agenda:

April 2002:

Updated some historical information on highways in Southern California that have missing links; specifically I-5, I-710, Route 118, Route 56, US 101, Route 170, and Route 134, based on an article in the Los Angeles Times. If other folks have missing connectors to report, please send me email.

Incorporated information from the wonderful stuff sent to me by Scott Oglesby (thanks!), including the following:
[For those unfamiliar with my terminology, LRN stands for the pre-1964 Legislative Route Number, which typically was different than the Signed Route Number]

Did the usual round of link updates. Added some information on exit numbering to Route 14 and Route 170. Added some information to the history of I-8. Added information on the upcoming purchase of the Route 91 toll lanes by OCTA, based on an article on 4/21/2002 in the Los Angeles Times. Added information about the Route 14/Route 58 interchange. Updated the status of Route 90.

Added information on the following recently passed legislation:

March 2002:

Added some updates to Route 22 and Route 160. Added some new links. Updated the Interstate history based on information discovered and posted by Richard Moeur; in particular, added some information about suffixing on I-5. Added information on this history of I-105. Fixed some flags and links on the regional links page. Fixed a city name on the I-15 information. Added historical information on US 40 (on the Route 40 page, go to the 1928-1963 History section). Added some statistics on HOV lane use to some S.F. Bay Area pages. Added updated status information to Route 17, Route 262, and Route 237.

[Exits]As more and more information about Cal-NExUS comes out (the exit numbering plan for California), added a new category of information for each highway: Exit Number information, shown with the graphic to the right. Added additional information from the Cal-NExUS Caltrans page. Added links to the Cal-NExUS pages, except for those highways for which numbers haven't been determined yet (Route 44, Route 57, Route 210, and Route 299; I also note that Route 30 shouldn't have numbers, Route 14 starts from the wrong number; and Route 710 is missing at least two exit numbers (Valley Blvd and the 134/210 interchange)).

Incorporated the following actions of interest from the April 2002 CTC Agenda:

Updated the legislative status page.

February 2002:

Added information on the Santa Clara County expressway system to the road types page. Did the usual link updates. Added information on the historical routings of Route 110 (actually in the Route 11 file, for that's what its number was then) and US 101. Updated the legislation of interest list. Updated information on Route 1, Route 27, Route 83, and Route 84.

Added information on the following recently passed legislation:

Incorporated the following actions of interest from the February 2002 CTC Agenda:

January 2002:

Reworked my highway page generator and reviewed pages to do some cleanup. This included increasing, and hopefully improving, the table spacing, and changing the source to be more quasi-HTML-ish, so that I could work with it in HoTMetaL Pro, my HTML editor.

Added more material on the upcoming "Exit Numbering" in California. Updated status information on Route 198, Route 168, and Route 41 courtesy of Gary Araki. Added some naming information on I-10 ("Juan Bautista Auto Tour Route"). Updated some errors on I-15. Added some historical information to Route 83. Updated Legislative Information Page. Usual link updates.

Incorporated the following actions of interest from the December 2001 CTC Agenda:

Incorporated the following actions of interest from the January 2002 CTC Agenda:

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