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Site Change Log
1996 Changes

November 1996:

Added a whole batch of links to the home page, including Traffic Stuff, a list of US Highways, Route 66 stuff, and the Road Signalling and Highway Route page.

Added additional information on commuter lanes in Southern California.

Added 1965 and 1979 CalTrans District 7 Planning Maps.

Updated the information on the open portions of the San Joaquin Transportation Corridor, Route 73.

Added information on carpool lanes on the I-405 freeway.

October 1996:

Updated historical information on Route 6 and Route 7. Added some more information on the unsigned routing of Route 170. Added some more history on Route 64.

Changes Before October 1996

Note: Changes before early 1996 were not specifically noted, although this site, in various forms, dates back at least as far as 1992, and possibly as early as 1986. Searching on Google Groups uncovers an early posting of the state highway list in December of 1992 to the Usenet Group ca.driving. In 1995, there was a posting of the highway list in response to a question, showing a last modified date of 1994. By October 1996, postings were being made showing the existence of the California Highways page off of Pacificnet.The earliest capture of the site on the Wayback Machine is in December 1998.

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