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Site Change Log
2000 Changes

December 2000:

Added some information from the November 2000 CTC agenda to Route 22, Route 30, Route 56, and Route 108. Based on discussions in misc.transport.road, added some history to US 101 and Route 1. The usual link updates; this time, I added some new pages in California, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. The Georgia site is particular fun; it makes fun of the folks who drive in Atlanta.

Updated information on the timing of the definition of LRN 122 (Route 140), courtesy of the historians at Caltrans. Update the chronology to include 2000 route changes. Updated status of Route 104 from Joel Windmiller.

Added some information from the December 2000 CTC agenda to Route 22, US 101, Route 168, Route 180, and Route 204.

November 2000:

Added yet another member to the cahighways family: Added information on California's postmile numbering system to the numbering system page. Corrected the information for the James Guthrie interchange (it is really the I-10/I-215 bridge). Added a link to the Mohave Bypass page to the Route 58 page. Added some more information on the history of US 66 and US 101A. Added some historical information for San Gabriel Mountain routes: County Sign Route N3, Route 2, Route 39. Identified a new summit on Route 2, which moved to number 9 in the rankings, and displaced a summit on US 395 from the list.

October 2000:

Continued with the never ending process of link updates. Added a little bit of updated status on the proposed Route 57 toll road. Updated information for resolutions/bills that were enrolled as of the September updates but were subsequently signed by the Governor (ACR 173, 9/18/00; ACR 174, 9/18/00; ACR 180, 9/18/00; SB 1526, 9/14/00; SB 1645, 9/19/00). Added a few more new names:

Added some text based on the Agenda and Traffic Congestion Relief proposals from the September 2000 California Transportion Commission Agenda. Of particular interest are the following:

September 2000:

Added new names:

Added some updates to various highways in terms of status: Route 14, Route 18, Route 58, Route 168, and LRN 190. Corrected some information on the El Camino Real page; thanks to one of my Caltrans correspondents for catching the error. Reflected the fact that the El Monte busway now required 3 occupants. Added links to new exit lists from Daniel Moraseski.

Added information on new Double Fine zones to Route 2 (La Canada Flintridge to Route 39) and Route 74 (I-15 to 7th St. Perris), per SB 1526, Enrolled 8/28/00.

Added another member to the family: Andy Field's, which is also located at [2003: This site was renamed

Changed the routing for the following routes:

Included some notes from California Transportation Commission agenda for the June and July meetings. Highways with new notes include Route 56, Route 85, Route 101, Route 144, and Route 180.

August 2000:

Primarily link changes, mostly due to some bums :-) named Andy Field and Alex Nitzman, who moved every one of Andy's San Diego pages (even though they were just moved a year ago), causing massive editing :-), and to Mike Ballard, who also decided to move his site. Added SPUI's new exit lists to Route 13, US 101, Route 120, Route 237, and Route 242.

Started creation of subdomains under for deserving sites. These are URL redirection links; they are available to sites that deal exclusively with California Highways, and that are maintained by "road afficionados". Such sites get a mention at the bottom of the home page. The first such site is Numan Parada's "Big Highways Site", which is now available at; the second is Scott Kozel's roadtrip, at

Added some new highway names:

July 2000:

Added some status information on Orange County highways. Greatly expanded the El Camino Real pages with lots of historical information. Added some additional links to I-5 and US 101. Added some information on AZ 95 to the Route 95 page. Updated some summit infrormation for Route 168 and Route 4; thanks to John Baltzley for bringing it to my attention.

June 2000:

Incorporated information from "State Highway Routes: Selected Information 1995". This included dates segments were incorporated into the Freeway and Expressway system, as well as milage information, counties traversed, federal aid, and significant summits. This affected every highway that was defined as of 1994. This also included the addition of a series of statistics pages that analyze this data in a number of different ways.

Added a link to the toll road information for Route 57. Updated information on Route 1 based on a posting from Steve Riner; updated information on Route 12, Route 116, Route 121, and I-380 based on Email from Bill Sharp.

Added some more maps to the San Francisco Freeway History page. I thank Scott O. (Kurumi) his permission to reproduce his map on this page.

Based on a Caltrans summary of "System Changes since 1994" (basically, a diff for the 1994 map), made changes to Route 2, Route 39, Route 76, Route 85, Route 91, US 101, Route 107, Route 114, Route 143, Route 202, Route 227, and Route 244.

May 2000:

Reworked the Maps page. The maps are now used to tell a story. There are currently two pages on Southern California, and one on Northern California. Note that some of the full-size maps are quite large; one approaches 500-600K.

Updates to I-580 and Route 222 from Joe Rouse. Updates to Route 395, Route 99, and Route 180 from Gary Akami.

Added links on the individual highway pages to known exit lists for those highways. This affected I-5, I-8, I-10, CA 14, I-15, I-40, Route 52, Route 54, Route 56, Route 67, Route 78, I-80, Route 93, Route 94, Route 125, Route 163, I-280, I-680, CA 51 (Business Route 80), US 50, US 101, I-805, and Route 905. Corrected the link for the Orange County Toll Roads.

Added a link for the 91 Express Lanes authority to Route 91. Updated information on the bridges on I-10 and I-8, based on a posting from R.C. Moeur in misc.transport.road.

Added some more historical information to Route 181 and Route 51. Added an explanation for the name of the first segment of Route 46.

April 2000:

Obtained a domain name! You can now get to the California Highways page at

Added some more links (and corrected some links) on the links pages. Added some more history to Route 580 and US 101. Added some information on proposals for upgrades to Route 99 in the Central Valley. Updated a link for Route 58. Updated information on Route 1 (updates on signage and business routes), Route 14 (no business routes), Route 15 (business route in Norco), Route 48 (existing postmiles), Route 58 (business route in Boron), LRN 61 (more history), Route 70 (business route in Oroville), US 101 (business route in Ventura), Route 103 (signing status), Route 134 (signing status, new link), Route 173 (signing status), Route 189 (signing status), Route 222 (signing status), and Route 227 (construction and signing status). Thanks to Mike Ballard for the signing status and business route corrections.

Incorporated additional information thanks to Robert Droz from the AASHTO logs. This included interstate submissions and deferrals for I-210, and a new business route for US 101.

Added a new name to US 101 (Civilian Women Volunteers All Wars Memorial Freeway, between Ralston St. in Belmont to Route 92), named by ACR 83, 3/15/2000.

Updated status information on I-10 and Route 39. Thanks to Chris Powell for providing the information.

Added a link to Route 1 that provides unofficial information on the status of the Big Sur stretch.

March 2000:

Gave the site a new look, with a new top of page header and a new background color. There was also extensive rework of the links pages, adding lots and lots of graphics. Ah, spring remodeling.

With respect to actual highways: Added a new name to I-580 (38th Street Overpass in Oakland) (ACR 82, 1/28/00). Added links to the Caltrans pages for Route 41, Route 168, and Route 180. Updated some information in the chronology, based on an article in the Los Angeles Times. Also updated the chronology to show changes in Calendar Year 1999. Fixed a missing county name on County Sign Route J46. Updated status on County Sign Route J4. Updated the original routing of LRN 98, and added some historical information to US 50, Route 51, Route 88, I-80, and US 99E, thanks to Joel Windmiller. More future plan updates to US 101. Updated some more information on the specifics of the Interstate system, in general. Usual link updates. Various updates to scenic and freeway definitions.

February 2000:

Updated link for "In Our Path" about I-105; it is now at Updated some other highway links. Fixed a street spelling for County Sign Route N8. Indicated that the pre-1963 routing of Route 10 (later Route 42) was still Route 10 as of 1960. Updated information (based on m.t.r postings) on Route 4, Route 14, Route 20, Route 29, Route 41, Route 46, Route 49, Route 53, Route 58, Route 65, Route 70, Route 84, Route 87, Route 149, Route 152, Route 168, Route 178, Route 237, Route 239, Route 380, and Route 880.

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