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Site Change Log
1997 Changes

December 1997:

Minor changes based on new information from misc.transport.road. Added some more links, fixed others, and fixed various typographical errors.

November 1997:

Added a new section to the site on the chronology of the state highway system. This provides a listing, by year, of when segments were added or deleted from the system.

I also added additional references to the interstate and renumbering tables, updated all highway sections with chronology information, and incorporated comments received from misc.transport.road readers.

Added specific information on all the routes in the Calfornia County Route Marker Program, based on a database dump kindly provided by Mel Aros, the program coordinator, at Caltrans. 

October 1997:

Added updated information on the status of Route 242 and Route 24, and updated the links to James Lin's site.

September 1997:

Added meta-information for search engines. Added additional information on Business Routes.

Updated information on county highways. Redid main page logo. Added information on the specifics of the county signed route numbering system, including the assignment of letters to county groups. Made minor changes on the map graphic pages and acknowledged additional sources. Added support for county routes outside the signed route (i.e., letter and number) system. Added support for county routes that have been identified but the number not discovered nor confirmed. Added information on HOV plans for the San Diego area.

Added information on the chronology of interstate submissions in California. This included identifying the timetable of chargable and non-chargable submissions and whether or not they were accepted.

Added information on signed county routes (i.e., those signed with a blue pentagon sign and a letter/number combination). Added HOV information for Caltrans District 4 (San Francisco Bay Area) and the Sacramento area.

August 1997:

Incorporated corrections and additional information regarding the following routes: Route 17, Route 35, Route 47, Route 84, Route 86, Route 103, Route 111, Route 114, Route 115, Route 123, Route 173, Route 221, Route 276, I-505, I-580, I-680, and I-710, based on information supplied by Gary Araki and Joseph Rouse. Added additional "other links", primarily in the area of Railroad and Transit Museums.

Made other extensive changes to the site. Added pre-1963 legislative route numbers. Added information on original state signage of highway. Reworked internal source file format. Updated pre-1964 highway numbering pages. Reworked page of links and sources. Reworked top-level index page. Reworked graphical symbols. Added information on Blue Star Memorial Highways. Added information on highway naming. Added cross-references between LRNs, pre-1964 state signage, and post-1964 state signage. Added information on US Highway and State highway numbering.

May 1997:

Added information on how routings of various routes looked in 1935. This included changes to almost all routes.

April 1997:

Reflected recent changes to the legislative code for the following routes:

March 1997:

Made a number of changes in response to Email. Added a description of the 1958 routing of Route 99. Clarified the Interregional Route of Route 2. Changed the description of Mike Ballard's home page. Added another name for Route 5. Added name for Route 78. Added information on Route 126 E of Route 5. Added information correcting the signage of Route 84 and Route 114.

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