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Site Change Log
1998 Changes

December 1998:

Fixed more moving links. Added more information on proposed and former routings in the Sacramento area, based on a 1969 Chevron map. Route affected: I-5, Route 16, Business Route 40, Route 65, Route 70, Route 99, Route 143, Route 244, Route 275, and I-305. Also added information based on a road trip to Phoenix; this included changes to Route 86 (adding some observations on Route 86S) and I-10 Business Loops. Made other changes based on corrections from Gary Araki; this involved changes to I-5, Route 13, Pre-1964 Route 26, I-80, Route 198, Route 299, I-880. Additional specifics on old US 66.

November 1998:

Minor corrections to Route 207 and Route 213. Updated historical information on Route 71 and related routes (Route 79, Route 371, US 395, LRN 277, I-15, Riverside County Sign Route R3). Minor updates on Route 206. Additional historical information on Route 42, Route 86, Route 90, and US 101. Additional information added on the "freeway in the ocean" portion of Route 1, and early plans for I-480. Updated carpool lane information on I-405. Updated status on Route 241. Put route changes into chronology. Remembered that San Bernardino is a county, and put it back in the list of counties. Removed the information about the closure on County Sign Route N9; the route is now open. Added a link/plug for Orange Empire Railway Museum to Route 74. Added more links for Illinois.

October 1998:

Added historical route information to US 101 and US 40. Added additional history to Route 17, former I-305, and former Route 480 (Embarcadero Freeway). Added new names to Route 12, I-80, US 101, Route 113, Route 166, and Route 880. Minor status updates to Route 30, Route 35, Route 57, Route 85, and Route 210. Minor changes to Route 14, Route 118, LRN 157, and Route 273. Added information on the new signage of Alternate US 50. Added information on suffixed routes to I-5, I-15, and some US highways. Added new links for Connecticut, North Dakota, and Vermont Highways. Fixed links for some sites that have moved.

August 1998:

Various changes. Based on m.t.r postings, made updates to Route 2, Route 14 (pre-1964), Route 26 (pre-1964), Route 30, Route 57, US 60, US 70, US 101, Route 109, Route 134, Route 130, Route 168, Route 180, LRN 190, LRN 207, I-210, Route 221, Route 229, LRN 240, Route 243 (typo fix), Route 273, and I-580 (typo fix). Updates to County Sign Route J132, County Sign Route S21, and County Sign Route S17. Fixed some links on the links page.

July 1998:

Minor changes, based on email input, to Route 101, Route 271. Updated links.

June 1998:

Changed the front (index) page design to use signs derived from Kurumi's signmaker program. Minor changes to Route 99 and Route 110. Fixed a few links. Added links for Missouri.

May 1998:

Added links to additional maps. Fixed broken links on highway pages, the "other links" pages, and the maps pages. Added many official highway names and structure names, including specifics of naming legislation to state highway pages (thanks to Joe Rouse for providing the information). Various minor typographic fixes.

April 1998:

Incorporated legislative route changes to Route 91. With respect to state highways: Made additional updates to I-15, I-215. Added extensive history on the unbuilt portion of Route 14. Minor updates to Route 109, Route 140, Route 145. Updated the Interregional Route information for Route 65. Added information on Historic Route 99. Clarified the Blue Star Highway designation for Route 254. Added information on naming for Route 1, Route 5 (includes some fascinating history), Route 8, Route 10, Route 14, Route 15, Route 23, Route 26, Route 29, Route 41, Route 46, Route 49, Route 50, Route 56, Route 65, Route 71, Route 76, Route 85, Route 86, Route 88, Route 89, Route 91, Route 99, Route 101, Route 105, Route 126, Route 152, Route 168, Route 180, Route 198, Route 199, Route 204, Route 237, and Route 405. Added national trail information for Route 2, I-5, US 6, 1934 Route 7, I-8, Former Route 11, I-10, Route 14, I-15, I-40, US 40, US 50, US 60, US 66/Route 66, US 70, US 80, US 99, US 101, Route 110, Route 180, I-210, US 395

Added links for Christopher Sampang's Freeways of Metro Los Angeles page, as well as pages for Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Filled in the name of one of my sources.

Fixed an HTML error in the highway numbering page.

Note: I received a request to fix the spelling of "milage" in all files. The American Heritage Dictionary lists "milage" as an accepted variant of "mileage", so I decided not to make the change.

March 1998:

Added new information on I-5, I-15, Route 17, Route 37, Route 71, US 101, Route 134, and Route 251.

Updated links to various sites, including new links to information on Indiana, a new California Highways site ("Golden State Freeway Page"), a new Wisconsin site, and new URLs for Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, Wyoming, and the North American Route Numbering site.

February 1998:

Updated various links.

January 1998:

Added new information on some of the California three-digit interstates in the San Francisco Bay area (i.e., I-280, I-580, and Route 17/I-880) based on new information gleaned from Kurumi's pages.

Added additional links to the "Other Links" pages, including new Alabama, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Minnesota pages. Added an updated link to David Stanek's Texas page.

Updated the "Last Modified" dates on all pages to use JavaScript (thanks to Kurumi for the idea). Of course, this loses old-Last Modified information, but "oh well".

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