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2019-2020 Legislative Session

AB = Assembly Bill ACR = Assembly Concurrent Resolution
SB = Senate Bill SCR = Senate Concurrent Resolution

This information reflects a review of legislation proposed as of 2019-04-04. Note that some are non-highway, if I find them of interest. Also note that the California State Legislature has a new website to obtain bill information, which includes the ability to subscribe to bills and to comment on them. Last items examined:

Note: ★ indicates new items as of this update. ✠ indicates items that are essentially dead (no activity for two update cycles or six months, whichever is longer)

See the section titled Legislative Calendar for a summary of the timelines of the legislative process.

Bills of interest under active consideration by the California State Assembly

Resolutions of interest under consideration by the California State Assembly

Bills of interest under consideration by the California State Senate

Resolutions under consideration by the California State Senate

Bills/Resolutions sent to the Governor of Signature

Chaptered Bills/Resolutions: Entered into Law

Bills/Resolutions Vetoed

Dead, Inactive, Joint Rule 56, or Moribund Proposals

Alas, sometimes this proposals come back to life when a legislator wants to introduce a bill, but is past the bill introduction date. The bill or resolution is then amended beyond recognition and morphed into a new bill, often on a different subject.

Legisiative Calendar for 2019

Note that, unless otherwise indicated, committee meetings take place once the legislature is in session. In particular, note that last day for most bills to be introduced is February; after that date, if you want to introduce a new bill, you have to modify an existing one. Thus, the legislature creates loads of "non-substative" changes bills, in the various areas of operation of government, that it can either ignore and let die, or gut and amend into something new in lieu of introducing a new bill. Further, in September, bills can be amended on the floor at the last minute, after all committee hearings.

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