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Site Change Log
1999 Changes

December 1999:

More of the continual link update process. Can't pages stay in the same place for years? Sigh.

November 1999:

Added links to Route 17, Route 160, and Route 275. Usual link maintenance page updates (and there were a lot, given all the changes in Andy Field's pages and page names).

October 1999:

Added new names to Route 12 (SCR 38, 9/21/99), Route 15 (ACR 90, 9/27/99) Route 198 (ACR 84, 9/20/99), Route 280 (SCR 36, 9/21/99). Added links to the exit guides for the Orange County Tollroads. Modified the definition of Route 101 in San Francisco per SB 798, 9/29/99. Clarify changes in HOV status for I-15 per SB 252, Ch. 481, 9/27/99. Fixed freeway definitions for Route 133, and Route 142 per AB 1650, Ch. 724, 10/10/99. Corrected route definitions for Route 18, Route 44, Route 66, Route 83, Route 91, Route 142, Route 259, and Route 330 per AB 1650, Ch 724, 10/10/99. Deleted Route 274 per AB 1650, Ch 724, 10/10/99. Updated Route 217 per SB 532, Ch 1007, 10/10/99.

September 1999:

Usual link page maintenance as people move or remove their pages, including a corrected link to the "No on I-710" folks. Added some updated status information on I-15, Route 41, Route 168, and Route 180 courtesy of Gary Araki. Updated information on the historical routing of US 101 in San Francisco. Added new names to Route 67 (ACR 53, 8/26/1999); Route 134 (ACR 67, 9/3/1999); Route 174 (ACR 68, 9/14/99); and Route 805 (SCR 34, 9/2/1999).

August 1999:

Added information on Double-Fine Zones to Route 4, Route 12, Route 37, Route 46, Route 74, Route 101, Route 138, and Route 152. The Golden Gate Bridge is also such a zone, but isn't technically part of any state highway.

Updated HOV occupancy information for I-10, based on SB 63. Updated relinquishment information on Route 19 and Route 160, per SB 803. Added a new highway name to Route 5. Updated condition of Route 35 based on some first-hand observations from Mike Ballard. Added trail graphics for the California-Banff Trail, and for the Dixie Overland Highway. Status updates for Route 330.

July 1999:

Reviewed all Geocities links to verify their current locations. Incorporated the results of recent legislative action:

Did the usual job of keeping links up to date as folks move things around.

June 1999:

Minor updates. Found the expansion of the acronym MTEB in the naming section of Route 5. Some updates on Route 87. Added some information on signage used in the 1959/1960 timeframe. Updated some information on US 101.

April 1999:

As usual, made link changes--this time, to New York and Quebec, and a number of other sites. Added some information to Route 15, Route 39, Route 51, Route 153 and Route 160.

March 1999:

The 2/99 changes were never uploaded, due to the theft of my home system. They are now incorporated.

Additional March changes are as follows: Updates to Route 5, Route 25, Route 84, Route 99, and Route 156. Added more links.

February 1999:

Continued the ongoing process of adding links to sites. Updated the highway definitions to correspond to changes to Route 2, Route 19, Route 36, Route 107, Route 225, Route 228, Route 229, Route 285, and Route 299. Corrected signing information on Route 220 and Route 229. Incorporated new information on Route 5. Added links to Joel Windmiller's pages to Route 88, Route 4, US 40, US 50, and US 99, as well as to the general links page.

January 1999:

Added and corrected quite a few links. Indicated the departure of C.C. Slater's links. Corrected some information on US 50A. Added some new state highway links for Nebraska and South Dakota. Cleaned up some history on the planned freeways for San Francisco.

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