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County Sign Route S32

[Click here for a key to the symbols used. Some county routes were constructed with federal funds. These routes are indicated as FAP (Federal Aid Primary), FAU (Federal Aid Urban), or FAS (Federal Aid Secondary). If no funding source is shown, no federal funds were used. Note that while some segments seem to have the same attributes, they may differ in the county-local road number assigned to the segment, or in the Caltrans Map Sheet number.]

Routing Routing

  1. Cty Rte J32Orchard Road from I-8 to the Holtville city limits (FAS, 2.35 mi)

  2. Cedar Avenue in Holtville from the Holtville city limits to Route 115 (W 5th Street) (FAS, 0.27 mi)

  3. Holt Avenue in Holt from Route 115 (W 5th Street) to E. Alamo Road (Ninth Street) (FAS, 0.53 mi)

  4. Holt Road from E. Alamo Road (Ninth Street) to Gonder Road (FAS, 9.56 mi)

  5. Gonder Road from Holt Road to Butters Road (FAS, 0.55 mi)

  6. Butters Road from Gonder Road to Route 78 (FAS, 1.55 mi)

History and Signage Information History and Signage Information

This route was defined in 1970.

Status Status

In September 2019, it was reported that there was an effort underway to move trucks off of Orchard Road (first segment of County Sign Route S32). At an Imperial County Traffic Advisory Committee meeting in August 2019, it was reported that Caltrans proposes to install signage along Route 7 advising drivers of large trucks going north to avoid Orchard Road and use alternate routes. Route 7 becomes Orchard at Interstate 8 south of Holtville. This is part of a larger proposal for a package of guidance signs to provide directional information for trucks as a part of its Traffic Investigative Report, guiding truck traffic to the Port of Calexico to use routes such as Route 115 as opposed to the smaller roads such as County Sign Route S32. The city of Holtville will eventually need to cooperate with the removal of truck-route designations at Orchard and Fourth Street, the north terminus of Orchard. Note that the truck restrictions will not affect local agricultural trucks. Any truck under 53 feet would still be allowed on Orchard Road. Caltrans has already developed this project study report. Another mid-term solution up to county Public Works would look at the possibility to pave a separate dirt-road arterial.
(Source: Holtville Tribune, 9/12/2019)

Total mileage: 14.81 mi.

Acronyms and Explanations:

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