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Los Angeles
County Sign Route N1

[Click here for a key to the symbols used. Some county routes were constructed with federal funds. These routes are indicated as FAP (Federal Aid Primary), FAU (Federal Aid Urban), or FAS (Federal Aid Secondary). If no funding source is shown, no federal funds were used. Note that while some segments seem to have the same attributes, they may differ in the county-local road number assigned to the segment, or in the Caltrans Map Sheet number.]

Routing Routing

  1. Cty Rte N1Malibu Canyon Road from Route 1 to Las Virgenes Road (FAS, 3.50 mi)

  2. Las Virgenes Road from Malibu Canyon Road to US 101 (FAS, 5.00 mi)

    Note: Google Maps shows County Sign Route N1 continuing N along Las Virgenes Road from US 101, but that portion is not signed N1 nor is there any other evidence of the designation.

Scenic Highway Scenic Highway

[SHC 154.1] from Route 1 to Lost Hills Road in Los Angeles County. Authorized by AB 1070, Chapter 758, 10/12/2001.

History and Signage Information History and Signage Information

This route was defined in 1963. Note that the routing of Malibu Canyon / Las Vergenes was originally proposed as the approximate routing for the N/S segment of Route 64.

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Status Status

Total mileage: 8.50 mi.

The SAFETEA-LU act, enacted in August 2005 as the reauthorization of TEA-21, provided the following expenditures on or near this route:

In October 2017, it was reported that, after nearly two years of construction, the Las Virgenes Road widening in Calabasas is complete. Mayor Mary Sue Maurer presented the finished project with a public ribbon-cutting on Sept. 26, 2017. The 1.5-mile stretch from Lost Hills Road to Agoura Road now has two traffic lanes in each direction to accommodate the additional cars and trucks from several new development projects along Las Virgenes. The Calabasas job also includes new sidewalks and two new traffic signals at Willow Glen Road and Oak Glen Street. Other highlights are a new 5-foot bicycle lane, a raised landscaped median, and a crosswalk to give pedestrians safer access to the middle school and the Calabasas Bark Park. The city used $5.7 million dollars in Los Angeles County Measure R funds to pay for the job. The project was approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and construction began early last year. A small section of the road improvement around Las Virgenes Road and Oak Glen Street was paid for by Calabasas Blue, the developer of the 78-home Paxton neighborhood that is under construction on the east side of Las Virgenes. 
(Source: The Acorn, 10/18/2017)

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