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Highway Statistics

Statistics III: California is One Big Freeway!

This page looks at the Freeway and Expressway system, as defined by the state legislature. Of course, this doesn't always reflect reality... The following statistics are on this page:

Longest All Freeway

Continuing the "long and short" theme of the previous page, we start with the longest routes in California that are defined as 100% part of the freeway and expressway system:

1. {US] US 101: 807 miles.

US 101 runs from downtown Los Angeles, through Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, Marin, and Redwood Country. It is all defined as freeway, although the reality is that there are major portions that are not freeway, especially in the rural areas.

5. [CA] Route 89: 243 miles.

Route 89 runs from I-5 to US 395 through Lassen. Although designated as freeway, most of this is not constructed to freeway standards.

2. [I] I-5: 796 miles.

I-5 is the backbone of California, running from Mexico to the Oregon border. 100% shimmering concrete.

7. [I] I-80: 204 miles.

I-80 is the major northern E/W freeway, running from the Nevada border to San Francisco, through Sacramento. 100% shimmering concrete.

3. [CA] Route 99: 415 miles.

Route 99 is what is left of US 99, running from I-5 N of Los Angeles, through Bakersfield, Fresno, and Sacramento, to rejoin I-5 in northern California. 100% shimmering concrete.

8. [CA] Route 78: 193 miles.

Route 78 runs from I-5 in San Diego to I-10 near Riverside. Only as small portion in San Diego is actually constructed to freeway standards.

4. [I] I-15: 294 miles.

I-15 is the replacement for US 395 and US 91, running from San Diego to Nevada. It is the primary route from Southern California to Las Vegas. 100% shimmering concrete.

9. [CA] Route 70: 180 miles.

Route 70 runs from Route 99 in Sacramento to US 395 near Hallelujah Jct. Only a small portion is actually constructed to freeway standards.

5. [I] I-10: 243 miles

I-10 runs from Santa Monica to the Arizona Border, through Downtown Los Angeles and through East LA all the way out to San Bernardino. 100% shimmering concrete.

10. [I] I-8: 172 miles.

I-8 runs from the Arizona border at the southern end of the state to San Diego. 100% shimmering concrete.

Shortest Freeways

Concluding the "long and short" theme of Page 1, we end with the shortest freeways in California:

1. [CA] Route 259: 1 mile.

Route 259 is basically a ramp between I-215 and Route 30 (future I-210) in San Bernadino.

3. [CA] Route 221: 3 miles.

Route 221 runs from Route 29 near Soscol Road to Route 121 at Imola Avenue in Napa. This is a segment of Route 29 the state tried to relinquish, but nobody wanted it.

[CA] Route 244: 1 mile.

Route 244 is a short routing from I-80 to Auburn Blvd in Carmichael. It is what is left of a planned eastern loop freeway in Sacramento.

[CA] Route 234: 3 miles.

Route 234 runs from I-5 near French Camp to Route 99. It is unconstructed.

2. [CA] Route 103: 2 miles.

Route 103 runs from Route 47 to Route 1 near San Pedro.

[CA] Route 242: 3 miles.

Route 242 runs from I-680 to Route 4 north of Concord. It is a former part of Route 24.

[CA] Route 217: 2 miles.

Route 217 runs from the campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) to Route 101 northwest of the City of Santa Barbara. The state has authorized relinquishment of this, but it has not yet been accepted.

[CA] Route 227: 2 miles.

Route 227 runs from Route 1 south of Oceano to US 101. Only the portion from Route 1 S of Oceano to US 101 near Arroyo Grande is in the Freeway and Expressway system (and is the only constructed portion).

4. [CA] Route 230: 4 miles.

Route 230 runs from US 101 near the south city limits of San Francisco to I-280 in San Francisco. It is unconstructed, and was originally planned as longer eastern bypass route for US 101, running from San Francisco to Route 87.

[I] I-980: 2 miles

The "John B Williams" freeway, running from I-880 to I-580 in Oakland. This was a major link during the Cypress reconstruction.

[CA] Route 232: 4 miles.

Route 232 runs from Route 1 near El Rio to Route 118 near Saticoy. This was never upgraded to freeway. It is in Ventura county.

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