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Related Links and Resources
Related Links and Resources

Highway Routes and Related Information

Interstate Highways and the National Highway System

Canonical Business Routes Logo Business Route Guide. This provides a list of all known business routes off of interstates (and a few unknown routes).
(Andy Field)


Highway Heaven Logo Highway Heaven, which contains a map to exit lists for all Interstate routes
(originally developed by Michael Adams, now maintained by A.J. Froggie)


Zzyzx's site logo Interstate Highways. Interstates get bad press. While two lane county roads that are barely paved get romaticized, the backbone of the US highway system gets called sterile, boring, and- worst of all- unadventurous. Ok, you never will suddenly discover the best pecan pie you ever ate in your life at a travel plaza; the best thing you can get is the Worlds Largest McDonalds on I-44. Yet somehow the people who make those claims miss the larger point.


Interstate Guide Interstate Guide. Brought to you by AARoads, included on this site are guides for every Interstate highway within the Eisenhower Interstate System. The national network of freeways and toll roads includes a number of transcontinental routes, many urban expressways, officially designated scenic byways and engineering marvels. Construction and maintenance projects continuously increase capacity, addresses safety issues and modernizes infrastructure. The system is not done expanding, as newer corridors are developed with Congressional authority.

[Interstate Highway Log] Interstate Route Log. This gives the history of the interstate system as well as a log of all interstates.
(US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration)


[Larry's Phat Page] Larry's Phat Page. Entries and information on national Interstate and US Highways, as well as a few regional ones.
(Larry Harvilla)


Proposed Insterates Corridors Proposed Interstate Corridors. This lists all of the proposed new interstates, including those designated from the ISTEA and NHS Legislation.
(Andy Field)


Kurumi's 3di Logo Three-Digit Interstate Highways. Primary interstate highways in the United States have one- or two-digit numbers, such as I-5 and I-84. Three-digit interstate highways, or 3di's, branch off or loop with the primary routes. A 3di takes the number of its parent and adds a multiple of 100: I-405 loops with I-5, and I-384 veers off from I-84. While there are about 65 primary interstates, there are over 200 3di's , mostly in or around cities. Over 30 others, such as San Francisco's Embarcadero (I-480) or Boston's Inner Belt (I-695) have been killed, a couple have been decommissioned (converted to state or US highways), and a handful are proposed.
(Scott Oglesby)

US Highways

[US Highway Ends] US Highway Endings. Photographs of various route termini on the US Highway system.
(AJ Froggie)
US Highways Logo [Dead End]US Highways: From US 1 to (US 830) Web Pages (Wayback Machine Copy). These pages have some excellent information on the US Highway system, including the proposed 1925 US Highway list, a list of the adopted 1927 list, and a 1957 US Highway list.
(Robert Droz - No Longer Updated)
Historic Calif US Highways Page US Highways in California Page
(Casey Cooper)
US Ends US Ends. The primary purpose of this website is to provide photos and descriptions of current and historic US highway endpoints, and to provide maps that show each US highway in the context of its "route family".

Famous Highways

[Bygone Byways] Bygone Byways-Route 66, Highways 80/99/101 & More! A website devoted to the memory of the wonderfully unique American road of yesteryear: Route 66, Highway 99, Highway 101 and others...their past, present, and uncertain future.
Lincoln Highway Logo Lincoln Highway (US 50):
  • The Lincoln Highway. Photographs! Today!. Since 1998, Sandor Gulyas (formerly from Ohio, now residing in Louisiana) has taken many trips along the length of the Lincoln Highway (see this page for trip logs). This page contains links to photos which he has taken on those trips. It also contains links to other National Lincoln Highways sites.
  • Lincoln Highway. In California, this was US 50. 
Ridge Route Preservation Organization
Ridge Route Preservation Organization. The Ridge Route Preservation Organization (RRPO) is a 501(c)(3) California non-profit corporation committed to educating the public to the importance of California’s historic 1915 Ridge Route Highway, an engineering marvel that prevented California from separating into two separate states. Seventeen point six miles of the original road were recorded onto the National Register of Historic Places on September 25, 1997.
US 6 Tour Assn US 6 Tour Association. The U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association is a Not-for-profit IRS 501 (c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to the economic development and cultural preservation of inner-cities, small towns and rural communities located along all 3,652 miles of the Grand Old Highway, a.k.a. as the "Grand Army of the Republic Highway".
US 40 Logo US 40:
US 66 Logo US 66:

Note: From the sites above, you should be able to find any site about Route 66.

Historic 99 Association Historic Highway 99 Association of California. The main goal of this association is to help educate the public on the historical importance of former US Highway 99 in California. Our additional goals are as follows:
  • To help promote travel, tourism, and economic development along the historic roadway through the various towns along the route
  • To work with various agencies to protect and preserve any historic structures such as bridges, buildings, and other cultural resources along all alignments of former US 99
  • To help support signage efforts along the route, such as Business Route and/or Historic Route signs directing travelers to the old road.
  • To develop a cohesive statewide plan for the preservation, interpretation, and promotion of former US 99 in California.
  • To develop and support various meets along the roadway, such as car shows and swap meets.
  • To raise funds to support all these goals.
US 89 US 89. Tour seven National Parks, fourteen National Monuments and three Heritage Areas all on one road—US Route 89. From Canada to Mexico through Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Arizona you will behold the West’s most spectacular scenery. Named the #1 Drivers’ Drive in the World by National Geographic, you will also visit 150 towns, cities and reservations to learn about the history and culture of Native Americans, Spanish explorers, mountain men, Mormon pioneers, prospectors and cowboys. Recreational opportunities abound to suit every taste. Climb a mountain, raft a river or relax in a luxurious spa.
[Volcanic Legacy] Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road. This is a 500 mile journey from volcano to volcano. The southern end of the byway begins at California's Lake Almanor, just miles from the active geothermal features at Lassen Volcanic National Park. The northern end of the byway is capped by Crater Lake National Park in Oregon where mysteries of the earth's interior are studied.

Other Highway Stuff

[American Byways] America's Byways. The National Scenic Byways Program is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. The program is a grass-roots collaborative effort established to help recognize, preserve and enhance selected roads throughout the United States. Since 1992, the National Scenic Byways Program has provided funding for almost 1500 state and nationally designated byway projects in 48 states. The U.S. Secretary of Transportation recognizes certain roads as All-American Roads or National Scenic Byways based on one or more archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational and scenic qualities.
American Byways American Byways. Provides information on highways in various states. A work in progress.
[Numbering Systems] Description of the world's road numbering systems. A description of road numbering systems outside of North America.
Dangerous Roads Dangerous Roads. The world's most spectacular roads.
[Field Guide to Interchanges] Field Guide to Interchanges. A site describing the different types of interchanges one finds on a highway.
Calrog World Wide Transportation Library. Each region of the world has unique sets of highway infrastructure, which are woven in ways to connect both municipalities and rural areas. These automobile transportation systems connect families, food supplies and economic growth with the rest of the world... Oh, heck... They're also fun to drive on too! There is also a discussion forum here. There are also lots of pictures of highway shields.
(Carl Rogers)
[Maps of the Past] Maps of the Past.Maps of the Past, Inc. offers over 1,500 restored historical maps for well seasoned cartography enthusiasts, treasure hunters, genealogists, home decor enthusiasts and novice history buffs alike.
[Milestones] Route 40 Milestones. For more than 2,000 years, highway builders have erected milestone to indicate the distance to and from key landmarks such as cities, towns and geographic features. During the past two millennia, roadside signage has undergone an evolution. For most of this time, roads have been delineated with stone markers. During the past 150-200 years, wooden fingerboards began replacing milestones due their low cost and the ease with which they can be constructed. During the early automobile era, metal signs emerged. Of these, the porcelain enamel signs proved to be the most enduring of the modern signs. In recent years, highway departments have used a variety of media to mark highways, most of which have an expected life span of about 2-5 years. This site is dedicated to the study of milestones.
(Frank X. Brusca)
MTR FAQ misc.transport.road FAQ. Note: The FAQ has not been revised since 2007.
[MTC Whats Happening] MTC Transportation Headlines. Updated weekdays by the MTC-ABAG Library staff.
[Rate the Roads] Rate the Roads. A site that gives motorists (and fellow "roadgeeks") the chance to offer their own input on highway conditions.
(Steve Anderson)
Roadfan Locator [Dead End]Roadfan Locator. Find a fan of your own. Note: Last Updated in 2008.
(Mark Fannin)
[Roadgeek Fonts] Roadgeek Fonts. This is a set of TrueType fonts to replicate the ones used on highway signs. These are significantly better than the Blue Highway fonts.
(Michael Adams)
[USA Traffic] USA Traffic Signs. A national supplier of road and traffic signs, street signs, sign posts, custom signs, parking signs.

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