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Related Links and Resources
Related Links and Resources

Other Highway Related Information


Brian Smiths Traffic Signs Site Brian Smith's California's Old Porlcelain Enamel Traffic Signs page. A history of the actual signs as well as the story of how the Automobile Club of Southern California and the California State Automobile Association placed these signs.
James Lin's Highway Markers Logo James Lin's Highway Route Markers
[AA Highway Sign Gallery] Alex Nitzman and Andy Field's Interstate Shield Gallery. Now the "AARoads Shield Gallery," which encompasses many different types of highway shields. Its co-maintained by Levente Jakeb.
Trafficstuf Logo Richard Moeur's Manual of Traffic Signs. This page includes a manual of Traffic Signs, and all sorts of neat traffic related material.
[Millennium Hwys] H. B. Elkin's Millennium Highway. This site has a large section devoted to road signage, with subpages on:
Road Sign Goofs; Old Road Signs; Interesting Road Signs; and Signs & Sights.
[Crazy Hobby] Steve's My Crazy Hobby: A site documenting Steve's collection of Road Signs.
Salek Logo Matthew Salek's Roads and Highways.
[Road Sign SW] Brian Polidoro's Road Sign Software Suite.
[Roadtraffic] Road Traffic Technology. This site works to bring you the latest news, views and trends from the road traffic industry. It also provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed listings of road maintenance, management and IT equipment suppliers, products and services, free white paper downloads and company press releases
[Shields Up] David R. Kendrick's Shield's Up. This site allows one to generate a wide variety of Interstate and US Highway shields (state highways are being added) with various fonts and sizes.
Signmaker Logo Kurumi's Signmaker, a Java program to create your own highway signs. This takes a lot of memory, and doesn't work on all machines. It generates not only the shields, but the text on Big (pick-your-color) Signs.

Other Highway Related Stuff

[American Highway Project] American Highway Project. The American Highway Project uses photography to document vanishing Americana such as motels, billboards, service stations, highway signs, tourist attractions, drive-in theatres and diners.
 [ASM] The American Sign Museum was founded to inform and educate the general public as well as business and special interest groups of the history of the sign industry and its significant contribution to commerce and the American landscape.
[Better Roads] Better Roads Magazine. Better Roads serves the information needs of governments and construction contractors involved in Federal, State, County, City and Township highway, road and bridge construction, winter maintenance, roadside and vegetation management and other highway-related projects.
[Caldrive] Hamish Reid's California Driving: A Survival Guide. Information for a visiter on how to drive in California. The drivers guide includes information such as Calfornia-speak; essentials such as signs, insurance, measurements; the laws; driving habits and quirks; roads; road conditions; etc. There is also a links page with some incredibly complementary words about the California Highways site.
[Cincinatti's Abanonded Subways] Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway. Abandoned tunnels are often the object of urban legend, but Cincinnati is in fact the site of the country's largest abandoned subway tunnel. But "abandoned" is not quite the word, as construction slowed to a stop in 1925 before even half of the 16 mile line was completed. Seven miles between Cincinnati's central business district and the industrial suburb of Norwood were tunneled, bridged, or graded, but no track was laid and no subway cars were ordered. No passengers ever rode between the six stations that were built.

Distracted Driving Distracted Driving: Distracted driving is a major concern. DistractedDrivingHelp is an omnibus site that collects a number of resources to help in the fight against distracted driving. Other good sites include those from the AAA Foundation and the California Highway Patrol.
Fieldguide Logo Scott Oglesby's Field Guide to Freeway Interchanges. As Kurumi (Scott) says: "Have you ever read an article about a planned "trumpet" interchange, or a "single-point diamond," and wondered  what exactly those were? This page, with diagrams and descriptions of several common interchange types, might help."
[Forgotten NY] Midnight Fish's Forgotten NY: The Infrastructure of a Lost Metropolis. A gateway to a New York City that existed long ago -- and still exists in a hidden form today. The site shows the past in lampposts, advertisements, bridges, buildings, signs, and things you pass every day in the street that bear silent witness to the NYC that once was, as well as forgotten and overlooked aspects of present-day New York.
[Groceteria] Did You Bring Bottles? A site on the subject of supermarket history and architecture, roughly covering the period from the 1920s to the 1970s.
[Crossings] Marc Fannin's Highway/Earth Grid Crossings. This page documents where highways cross whole-numbered lines of latitude or longitude.
 [Living Gold Press] Living Gold Press. Publisher of books on CA 99 and other highway stuff.
[Map Inside] The Map Inside. An exhibit discussing the art of cartography and the presentation of roads and highways in maps. Instead of map cover art, this exhibit looks at the roads themselves - the "Inside of the Map."
[Motel Americana] Motel Americana. A site designed to celebrate an American phenomenon which reflects an important part of US history and culture: the motel.
[Osher Map Library] Osher Map Library University of Southern Maine. This site explores the form and style of the American Road Map.
Petroliana Logo Jim Potts' Primarily Petroliana,the Gas Station & Auto Service Collectibles Web Site. This site brings together gas station antique collectors, dealers, publishers and service providers.
Roadmap Picture Road Map Collectors of America. The Road Map Collectors Association is a group of road map collectors throughout North America and Great Britain who have have joined together to promote the hobby and network with trading partners.
Roads and Bridges Picture Roads and Bridges Magazine. A periodical design to keep people informed on the latest news, product information and technological developments related to the highway construction and bridge industry.
Roadside America Roadside America. A look at all the funky stuff to be found on the roadside, from Muffler Men to Pet Cemetaries, from Balls of Twine to Big Donuts.
Signalfan Logo John Rietveld's Signal Fan's Homepage. Information on the history and collectibility of traffic signals. John has another page at

Stock Photography:

[Can STock Photo] Can Stock Photo Highway Images. Professional royalty free stock photography at affordable prices, including stock photos of highways. They have a sister site Fotosearch, with images of California Highways available starting at just $3. They can also find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, stock video clips, poster, prints, and more. .

[Go Graph] Go Graph Stock Photography allows users to search from more than 5 million images starting at just $5. This includes almost 32,000 highway related images!

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