Doing a Stupid

userpic=las-vegasFriday I did a couple of stupids that I’m still paying for. Perhaps it comes with the territory — after all, I am in Las Vegas, a city known for adults doing stupid things. But usually those stupid things involve alcohol and end up with embarrassing pictures being posted on Facebook… and what I did is not in that category of stupid things.

So what did I do? Well, first I trimmed my toenails. Usually not a problem; we all do it. However, I had a sharp corner on my big toe, and in some way insulted and inflamed the cuticle. It is still mad at mad, and I’m treating it with Neosporin and Epsom Salts, and when I get home I’ll try some steroidal creme. Combine that with my usual blisters from walking too much and a cracked heel from sandals, and I have a foot that is none to happy.

The other stupid I did was going out by the pool. Without sunblock. Although I did time how long I was out there (2 hrs) and rotated regularly (max 30 minutes per side at a time), I still ended up with a hella-sunburn. It’s periodically painful. Not much I can do about it, except Aloe Vera gel and time.

At least other stuff I’m doing is fun. More on that in the next post…