Next Time… Sunblock

userpic=don-martinI have spent today… itching.

You see, Friday I did a stupid. I took advantage of the sunny day to go down by the pool and soak up some rays, listen to a few podcasts, enjoy the pool, and people watch. I ended up soaking up a few too many rays, and my whole upper chest and legs look like a lobster (trust me, you don’t want pictures). I was OK yesterday, but today has brought on extremely intense itching as the skin is starting to heal.

So far, I have tried (topically) aloe vera gel and lotions and baths in epsom salts and lavender… neither have provided long term relief. Ibuprofin has helped a little, and I have just resorted to a Benedryl and a T3 (the pain was that bad)… and it is now down to somewhat bearable. Following some advice I found in a discussion thread, Karen is out picking up some peppermint oil to see if that will help. I’m guessing it is going to be a long night; hopefully it will calm down tomorrow for a more enjoyable last day in Las Vegas.

(Luckily, this didn’t impact today too much, as it was a down day for Karen to take her arthritis meds, and Erin to study for finals).

OK, if you insist on a picture:


If anything, this has taught me a lesson: as much as I think I don’t need it, I must put on sunblock!


Doing a Stupid

userpic=las-vegasFriday I did a couple of stupids that I’m still paying for. Perhaps it comes with the territory — after all, I am in Las Vegas, a city known for adults doing stupid things. But usually those stupid things involve alcohol and end up with embarrassing pictures being posted on Facebook… and what I did is not in that category of stupid things.

So what did I do? Well, first I trimmed my toenails. Usually not a problem; we all do it. However, I had a sharp corner on my big toe, and in some way insulted and inflamed the cuticle. It is still mad at mad, and I’m treating it with Neosporin and Epsom Salts, and when I get home I’ll try some steroidal creme. Combine that with my usual blisters from walking too much and a cracked heel from sandals, and I have a foot that is none to happy.

The other stupid I did was going out by the pool. Without sunblock. Although I did time how long I was out there (2 hrs) and rotated regularly (max 30 minutes per side at a time), I still ended up with a hella-sunburn. It’s periodically painful. Not much I can do about it, except Aloe Vera gel and time.

At least other stuff I’m doing is fun. More on that in the next post…


I Shouldn’t Have Done That…

I made a mistake tonight (I say “tonight” to distinguish it from my stupid o’ the weekend, when I carried a 75-lb bag from Costco with one hand, and ended up really bruising the back of my hand). What did I do? Well, I was collecting another 100 links to TV themes on YouTube to record on the weekend when it isn’t in a buffering mood… and I made the mistake of thinking about Shari Lewis… and Lamb Chops Playhouse.


It’s stuck in my head.

“This is the song that doesn’t end,
yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started singing it not knowing what it was,
and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…”


An Interesting Evening

Tonight was an interesting evening, with highs and lows.

The low came on early: I contracted a case of Clumsy Stupid Dad Syndrome. I get this why when my daughter screams too much from a over-tired, over-hungry melt-down. She screams, my brain treats it like an electro-shock and (a) I start doing stupid things (like trying to reason with her), and (b) I start tripping and slipping on things.

Things eventually calm down… usually when she finally goes off to bed. By then, both my wife and I are exhausted — mentally and physically.

I think a childs screams are (by nature) tuned to just the frequency required to drive their parents (and only their parents) crazy. We all cope in different ways. I just wish I coped better.

The high came as I as working on reserving the hotel for our summer vacation. I scored. We’ve got a hotel with free high-speed internet access, full breakfast buffet, a pool, free local calls, managers reception, queen beds, and a sofa-bed… all for $44 per night! In a major city, no less! Given investigating online gave me most rates at double this, if not triple, I’m happy on that end.