Next Time… Sunblock

userpic=don-martinI have spent today… itching.

You see, Friday I did a stupid. I took advantage of the sunny day to go down by the pool and soak up some rays, listen to a few podcasts, enjoy the pool, and people watch. I ended up soaking up a few too many rays, and my whole upper chest and legs look like a lobster (trust me, you don’t want pictures). I was OK yesterday, but today has brought on extremely intense itching as the skin is starting to heal.

So far, I have tried (topically) aloe vera gel and lotions and baths in epsom salts and lavender… neither have provided long term relief. Ibuprofin has helped a little, and I have just resorted to a Benedryl and a T3 (the pain was that bad)… and it is now down to somewhat bearable. Following some advice I found in a discussion thread, Karen is out picking up some peppermint oil to see if that will help. I’m guessing it is going to be a long night; hopefully it will calm down tomorrow for a more enjoyable last day in Las Vegas.

(Luckily, this didn’t impact today too much, as it was a down day for Karen to take her arthritis meds, and Erin to study for finals).

OK, if you insist on a picture:


If anything, this has taught me a lesson: as much as I think I don’t need it, I must put on sunblock!


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  1. Try Sarna lotion. I’m perpetually itchy from extremely dry skin, and this is what the hospital uses. It is available OTC but you’ll have to ask.

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