It Won’t Be 30 More…

userpic=pineappleBack sometime in the late 1970s, my parents purchased a timeshare in Maui. This was one of the early timeshare developments, where one had a fixed interval; it was at The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach. Throughout my teen years, I regularly accompanied them to it (we had the last two weeks of August into early September) — I have distinct memories of coding for the UCLA Computer Club, listening to the Jerry Lewis Telethon, while sitting at the game table in the unit. All together now: Yes, I was a nerdy teen with no life.

As I got older, my parents continued to use the unit until sometime after my dad remarried (i.e., late 90s). The last time I was at the unit was in 1985, when we had a week at the unit as part of our honeymoon. After my dad stopped using the unit, he rented it out to friends and relatives. After my dad passed away and I inherited the unit, we did the same — my father-in-law regularly used the unit.

After he died, we started doing interval exchanges through Interval International. Partially, this was due to the fact that we had no knowledge of how to rent the unit easily. Partially, it was due to the fact that airfare to the Islands is expensive. Mostly, it was due to the fact that LA Unified shifted their schedule to start in mid-August, making going to our interval impossible.Through II, We regularly went to Las Vegas and Escondido, as well as Palm Springs. My wife did solo vacations to Sedona and Tucson.

This year was our 30th wedding anniversary. Our daughter had a car, and was back up in Berkeley. We had nothing holding us back — we bit the bullet on the airfare. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is where we’ve been for the last two weeks. You can learn about it here (although we’re not going through Aston), and (here and here) (these are folks that sell and rent units).

Hawaii 2015After two weeks here, a few observations:

  • Coming back here as an adult (I wasn’t an adult at 25 when I first came; most people don’t see themselves as adults until 29), I can now see why my parents loved this place. It is extremely relaxing and laid back, and has a vibe totally unlike any other timeshare we’ve been at.
  • Elaborating on that last point: At the timeshares in Vegas and Escondido, they were pushing pushing pushing to sell units. Hell, you walk along the beach here and the Westins and other companies are pushing timeshares in your face. This timeshare is different. You have a closet, where you can leave stuff in a box for when you come back. Owners leave stuff for other owners. It is truly like you’re sharing a home, not renting a room for two weeks. In talking with the managing agent for the TIOA (Time Interval Owners Assn), this is because most interval owners come back each year and use their units — they become a family. This makes it feel like home.
  • Other vacations, I’m out and running from place to place to place. This vacation? I’ve done just a little work (checking email, a few hours of meetings on a project I’m running). Mostly, I’ve futzed on the computer reading news (perhaps you’ve noticed). I’ve read books (I’ve finished 3 so far, and am working on the 4th). I’ve gone in the ocean. I’ve sunned by the pool. The latter two are much more entertaining in Hawai’i. I’ve worked out, either by walking or in the exercise room (did an hour on the bike today). I’ve eaten healthy, having fish almost every day. I only saw one show :-). We’ve done a little shopping (I like Hawaiian shirts).
  • I’ve sunned, but this time I learned my lesson and used sunblock.
  • We found some wonderful hidden restaurants, particularly Joey’s Kitchen in Whaler’s Village; and Fish Market in Honokawai. My wife fell in love with Sugar Shop in Lahaina, a wonderful gluten-free shop. Our one dislike: Sangrita, in the Fairway Shops, whose “Grilled Ono in Anchiote” was really in a spicy mole, which created problems (as well as their continually having trouble with the order).
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that it won’t be 30 years before we are back. My plan, at this point, is every other year. This will still give us some weeks we can use towards going to Las Vegas in the spring (which we enjoy), while still coming back here.

Pictures, you ask? Didn’t take any. However, other’s did, and if you look at this week’s AOAO Weekly Picture Mail (PDF), you’ll see both my smiling face, and my wife’s even prettier smiling face (AOAO is the apartment owners association — the folks that either own their apartments, or the TIOA  — independent of the units in the Aston rental program).



Just as an item of closure: Based on the recommendations of kyburg and other friends, we joined Interval International today. Hopefully, they’ll process the membership fast enough that we don’t bump into the 60-day window on depositing your weeks (that is, 60 days from the start of your weeks, which would be 6/22).


What To Do With Hawaii?

As you probably know by now, we own a timeshare in Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii. We can’t use it this year, and no relatives or friends have expressed interest in renting the interval (8/22-9/5). So we’re narrowing in on our options. As always, I’m looking for opinions:

  • We can join Interval International ($89), and deposit our two weeks. We could then exchange those weeks for two weeks at a different resort (($139/week exchanged in the US). Alas, II does not provide a lot of information about how the service works online, so I’m still determining if it is worth the cost (***: please, if you’ve used II, let me know your thoughts). Lastly, if someone uses our weeks, we may have additional costs for cleaning our unit mid-interval.
  • We can attempt to rent out the unit, with no guarantee for success. There appear to be two Realtors that do this: Whalers Realty and Monte D. Fitts. Neither has responded to my inquiry about how that process works or what their success rate is.

So, what do you think we should do? LJ friends—please let me know in the poll below. FB friends—please comment with your opinion (no obnoxious poll applications here):


Facebook Privacy / Interval International

1. The uproar is increasing on Facebook Privacy. I know a number of folks are recommending deleting your accounts. My position: I only make public on Facebook that which is public on Livejournal. Please, dear friends on Facebook, investigate your privacy settings, and be aware of what you are sharing and what applications know about you.

2. As a reminder, I’m looking for information on Interval International. Someone out there must have an experience to share.


Reminder: Looking for Timeshare Occupant, Maui, 8/22-9/3

A week ago, I posted information on our Maui timeshare. This is a reminder that I’m looking for someone to rent the unit. So please, check with your friends, relatives, etc. and see if anyone might be interested. My next step is to go with their rental agency. As a reminder:

The timeshare is at The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach.

The dates are approximately 8/22 to 9/3 (last two weeks of August). I’ll confirm the end date.

The unit is a 1 bedroom, 2 bath, with pull-out sofa in living room (floorplan)

In terms of amenities, just look at the Whaler Website: . The unit has a full kitchen, and DSL internet connection via modem and cable provided in the apartment. There are all sorts of recreational opportunities in the area, and of course it is on the beach.

In terms of price, my assessment was roughly $2,700. I’d love to break even on that, but I’m open to negotiations. I think the only other cost would be $12/day parking. I’d also be open to a trade for someplace the last two weeks of June.


Maui Timeshare Available

Due to a combination of reasons*, we’re going to be unable to use our Maui Timeshare at The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach this year or next. I’m posting this note to see whether any of my Livejournal or Facebook friends are interested. Here are the specifics:

  • Interval: 8/22-9/3 (I’ve got to check the end date, it could be 9/5)
  • Size: 1 bedroom, 2 bath, with pull-out sofa in living room (floorplan)
  • Amenities: Just look at the Whaler Website: . The unit has a full kitchen, and DSL internet connection via modem and cable provided in the apartment. There are all sorts of recreational opportunities in the area, and of course it is on the beach.

In terms of cost, I’m basically looking to cover my assessment, which was around $2,700. There is also $12/day parking, and might be a cleaning fee. I would be open to discussing arrangements, and perhaps even trading with someone who has a suitable time period or place available elsewhere (we would be available the end of June, specifically 6/21-7/2). If you’re interested or want more information, please drop me a note or message. If I don’t hear anything in a week or two, I’ll start talking to the rental folks at the Whaler.

* For the longest time I thought my uncle was going to use it, but he confirmed he wasn’t last weekend. We can’t use it as they have moved up the start of Erin’s high school to mid-August, meaning we can’t use it until she goes off to college.