What To Do With Hawaii?

As you probably know by now, we own a timeshare in Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii. We can’t use it this year, and no relatives or friends have expressed interest in renting the interval (8/22-9/5). So we’re narrowing in on our options. As always, I’m looking for opinions:

  • We can join Interval International ($89), and deposit our two weeks. We could then exchange those weeks for two weeks at a different resort (($139/week exchanged in the US). Alas, II does not provide a lot of information about how the service works online, so I’m still determining if it is worth the cost (***: please, if you’ve used II, let me know your thoughts). Lastly, if someone uses our weeks, we may have additional costs for cleaning our unit mid-interval.
  • We can attempt to rent out the unit, with no guarantee for success. There appear to be two Realtors that do this: Whalers Realty and Monte D. Fitts. Neither has responded to my inquiry about how that process works or what their success rate is.

So, what do you think we should do? LJ friends—please let me know in the poll below. FB friends—please comment with your opinion (no obnoxious poll applications here):