Reminder: Looking for Timeshare Occupant, Maui, 8/22-9/3

A week ago, I posted information on our Maui timeshare. This is a reminder that I’m looking for someone to rent the unit. So please, check with your friends, relatives, etc. and see if anyone might be interested. My next step is to go with their rental agency. As a reminder:

The timeshare is at The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach.

The dates are approximately 8/22 to 9/3 (last two weeks of August). I’ll confirm the end date.

The unit is a 1 bedroom, 2 bath, with pull-out sofa in living room (floorplan)

In terms of amenities, just look at the Whaler Website: . The unit has a full kitchen, and DSL internet connection via modem and cable provided in the apartment. There are all sorts of recreational opportunities in the area, and of course it is on the beach.

In terms of price, my assessment was roughly $2,700. I’d love to break even on that, but I’m open to negotiations. I think the only other cost would be $12/day parking. I’d also be open to a trade for someplace the last two weeks of June.