I Have Too Much Booze. What Should I Do?

Background: Neither my wife nor I are drinkers. We have the occasional wine, and the occasional liqueur. To give you an idea of how little we drink… I still have bottles of champaigne from our wedding… in 1985! My mom, on the other hand, drank. When my dad died, his collection of liquor came to us. Recently, another family friend died. Neither of their kids drank… and so their liquor came to us as well.

So, now we’ve got loads of liquor and liqueur… more than our bar can hold. We’re at a loss for what to do with it. Complicating factors are that none of our social circle are drinkers, or if they do, it is wine or beer, not the hard stuff. That was my parent’s generation. I know no one who drinks scotch these days. Additionally, my wife is gluten-free, so she can no longer drink stuff made from a mash that includes wheat, oats, rye, or barley.

So what do I have? Here’s a list (this does not include wine, champaigne, or sherry). Numbers indicate multiple bottles. In some cases, bottles are unopened.

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A Use for Budweiser

This morning, driving the vanpool into work, we were listening to KFI 640, in particular, to Bill Handel on the News. He was reporting the story of a fellow in the French Quarter who remained there during the disaster, at one point, flushing the toilet with beer. ellipticcurveand I then riffed on this. I said, “Mmmm. It’s a nice pilsner. Goes down smooth.”. ellipticcurve noted that they have finally found a use for Budweiser.


From The News: Bears Prefer Rainier Beer

According to an article on CNN.com, it appears a bear was discovered passed out drunk at a campground near Seattle. The bear had guzzled three dozen cans of beer.

The interesting part of the report was the line: “It turns out the bear was a bit of a beer sophisticate. He tried a mass-market Busch beer, but switched to Rainier Beer, a local ale, and stuck with it for his drinking binge.”

Good thing I didn’t try Busch in St. Louis!

P.S.: As I like to do, I added links to various sites. Would you believe that both the Busch and Pabst (who do Rainier) sites ask for proof of age before letting you enter the site. Now, carding you when you drink is one thing. But carding you to get a picture of beer? That’s a bit much. What’s worse, the Busch site only allows two-digit dates, so an oldster born in 1913 can’t get in (it treats 14 as 1914). I guess you can’t visit a beer site if you’re too old either!


Berries, Beer, Bouncing… Bushed

Today has been a delighful day. First and foremost: No headache!

We started out the day at Starbucks. Now, normally we think Starbuck is “for when you absolutely must have that high caffeine fix…but use lots of cream and sugar to kill the taste”. Well, here in St. Louis, the normal brew is a light brew. gf_guruilla likes a dark brew, so we started at Starbucks. I got a strong iced tea, and felt much better.

Our next stop was the Soulard Farmers Market, a collection of produce, flower, and misc. vendors. The produce was delightful, yet I still couldn’t figure out why California produce in Missouri (Strawberries from Watsonville, for example) was cheaper than California produce in California! We did pick up some home-grown peaches and nectarines, and saw some stuff you normally don’t see in California stores (such as green tomatoes).

We had a delightful lunch at the Soulard Coffee Garden. I was able to enjoy one of my favorite soups (French Onion), and again we had great coffee and tea!

After Soulard, we went to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour. This was good, but some of the things I remembered were gone, such as the wooden escalators in the Bevo building or the tapestries. Still, I did something I rarely do: I had about 1/2 cup of beer (an amber bock, which wasn’t half bad). Small & Feisty really enjoyed the clydesdales.

When we were at the coffee garden, we had recommended to us an excellent museum: the City Museum. This is housed in an old 4-story factory building, and is made of material recycled from other buildings torn down. It is a kids delight, with a magical forest to explore, a 5-story outdoor climing structure, art centers (we picked up two books on paper cutting), and much, much more. S&F had a wonderful time and loved the really large slides. She even got me to crawl through the tunnels with her. gf_guruilla enjoyed the paper cutting.

For dinner, we went to the Route 66 Brew House at the St. Louis Union Station. Excellent food. For those unfamiliar with Union Station, the architect took the former train station and converted it into a shopping mall and hotel. There’s still quite a bit of history there.

We ended the day by getting some ice cream at Maggie Moos in Ladue. Of course, this had the effect of winding up Small and Feisty, and we’re presently fighting to get her to bed. Win some, lose some.
P.S. @ 10:15 PM: We just got her to bed. Yeah!