From The News: Bears Prefer Rainier Beer

According to an article on, it appears a bear was discovered passed out drunk at a campground near Seattle. The bear had guzzled three dozen cans of beer.

The interesting part of the report was the line: “It turns out the bear was a bit of a beer sophisticate. He tried a mass-market Busch beer, but switched to Rainier Beer, a local ale, and stuck with it for his drinking binge.”

Good thing I didn’t try Busch in St. Louis!

P.S.: As I like to do, I added links to various sites. Would you believe that both the Busch and Pabst (who do Rainier) sites ask for proof of age before letting you enter the site. Now, carding you when you drink is one thing. But carding you to get a picture of beer? That’s a bit much. What’s worse, the Busch site only allows two-digit dates, so an oldster born in 1913 can’t get in (it treats 14 as 1914). I guess you can’t visit a beer site if you’re too old either!