Anniversary Update&#151House of Blues Rant

As readers here know, yesterday was my 19th wedding anniversary. Here’s an update on what did and didn’t happen.

Gifts. I ended up getting gf_guruilla the promotional package at the Burke Williams spa, as well as a nice card from the company store. She hasn’t had a chance go to shopping for me yet. 🙁

Dinner. We ended up going to Versailles for dinner. Versailles is a Cuban restaurant that we used to go to when we were dating. Yum. Cuban Roast Pork.

Small & Feisty. The plan last night was for ellipticcurve (EC) to take Small & Feisty and the Karate Kid to the 7:30 PM They Might Be Giants concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim. This concert had been advertised as “All Ages” (we checked), so EC bought the tickets. They get there (after a 40 minute drive and dinner), and learn that at 6:00ish, a decision was made to age-restrict the concert to 16 and older. Yes, the money was refunded, and the kids got merch and shirts, but it created a hell of disappointment—both from the kids as well as the parents who were expecting the kids to be out.

[Rant On] I don’t blame the band on this one, but I surely blame the venue, and plan to write a strongly worded letter to them. I would have had no problem had the decision been made long in advance, but to change it about an hour before the concert is just poor form, and poor public relations. It is not as if the kids were unfamiliar with the content. We had kids strongly looking forward to this concert, and watching a video of TMBG from the mid 1990s when they got home is just not the same. Disappointed 9 year-olds are not fun. This does not make me want to go to a HOB venue. C’mon HOB: If you book a group that issues kids albums and did a kid concert last time they were in LA, you should expect kids at the show. [Rant Off]

[For ellipticcurve‘s rant, click here]

At least the kids took it well. EC took them out for ice cream and I think they hit some lego shops. We had a TMBG video for them to watch as well. But live music is so much better!


[Update: In the responses, you’ll find the letter we’re writing to them, as well as the letter my daughter wrote to them.]