Saturday Links: Themes That Didn’t Quite Make It

userpic=cahwys-licenseToday’s clearin’ of the links is dedicated to So Cal Games Day 54, which I’ll be heading off to later. The links this week just didn’t want to theme, so posts never quite came together. Here’s what accumulated:

Music: SMASH – The Complete Season Two (Music From the TV Series) (Katharine McPhee, Jeremy Jordan): “Rewrite This Story”


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  1. Re: Space-X, IA is one of several areas addressed in the AF guide for new entrant certification for launch vehicles. My office has had a lot of discussions on program protection associated with new entrants, though a lot of issues remain unresolved.

    1. Charlie is also doing some stuff with the range in this area, and I’ve been doing mappings between ISO/IEC 27001/27002 and 800-53 related to this. I was more curious whether we’d end up working with Nicole again.

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