Father’s Day Report

userpic=father-and-sonLet me tell you about my Father’s Day… but first, a shout out to my father who passed away in 2004. You can read about him here. I’m finding myself more like him as I grow older, and I still miss him.

As for me, the day started with an unusual suprise: Father’s Day presents that I didn’t know about in advance. My daughter replaced my copy of Working by Studs Terkel, which had fallen apart. My wife got me a pair of Koss Stereophones (Tony Bennett Edition), which included a download of Duets II. Alas, the download code wasn’t working, so I’ve sent email to Koss and we’ll see what happens.

After this, we went to the North Hollywood station and got LA Metro Day Pass. Went to Exposition Park, where we went to the California ScienCenter to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor, as well as their other space exhibits (an Apollo capsule (from Apollo-Soyuz), Gemini XI, Mercury-Redstone) and their Ecosystems exhibit (which had a cool section on rotting, and another neat section on Los Angeles).

After that, we took the Expo Line to Western Blvd, where we had a great Salvadoran lunch at Bella Aguillas Cafe. We split their sampler plate, which was more than enough for 3.

We then returned to Exposition Park, where we visited the newly remodeled Natural History Museum. They have totally redone the front of the museum (which used to be the back), and it is beautiful. You can see a graphic here.  We especially enjoyed the new outdoor garden, especially the edible garden… in addition to the old reliable exhibits. It was so nice (and now so easy to get to, with the Expo line), that we rejoined.

We then came home, and are now recuperating from being out and about. So how did you celebrate Fathers Day?

Music: The Best of The Alan Parson Project (The Alan Parsons Project): “Psychobabble”