Saturday Links: Themes That Didn’t Quite Make It

userpic=cahwys-licenseToday’s clearin’ of the links is dedicated to So Cal Games Day 54, which I’ll be heading off to later. The links this week just didn’t want to theme, so posts never quite came together. Here’s what accumulated:

Music: SMASH – The Complete Season Two (Music From the TV Series) (Katharine McPhee, Jeremy Jordan): “Rewrite This Story”


Seen on the Drive Home…

Tonight was an interesting drive home. I do have to share one of the more interesting cars I saw whilst driving the van. There was a bright yellow and purple SUV covered with LA Lakers stickers… with the stick figures on the back with the names of a number of current and former Laker players (Shaq, etc.). The ones that had left the team had a big red circle and slash through them (only two were left). The license plate frame had “Dynasty Interrupted”, and the license was “Nopete”.