Vegas Doesn’t Win Over A Fire in Malibu

userpic=campAlthough we’ve been in Las Vegas today, it’s been a down day after all the museums yesterday. More importantly, since last night, my thoughts have been elsewhere — they’ve been at camp. You see, the Wilshire Blvd Temple Camps are just N of the county line off PCH. Specifically, they are at PCH and Yerba Buena Road, which is where the fire was heading last night. So I’ve been monitoring the Camp’s Facebook page and the twitter feed about the fire to find out what was happening at camp. It’s gotten close; the campers there were evacuated last night, and there was real risk had the fire continued S from Deer Creek Road. It was certainly burning further E near Boney Ridge and Circle X. Right now, it looks to have continued N into Hidden Valley. As for camp, according to the Jewish Journal:

The flames did not reach the 200-acre property shared by Camp Hess Kramer and Gindling Hilltop Camp in Little Sycamore Canyon, situated between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The blaze reached land adjacent to the property, on the other side of a ridge in the Santa Monica Mountains, according to Howard Kaplan, executive director of WBT, which owns and operates the camps.

No camp property was damaged, and the flames nearby were put out by Ventura County Fire Department firefighters, Kaplan said.

“Right now we’re fine, but we’re on standby because we have to be,” Kaplan told the Journal on Friday afternoon.

As long as this fire is burning, the camps are in danger, so keep thinking those good thoughts, folks.

So what did we do today? Relaxed. I monitored the fire situation and sat out by the pool. Tonight is a show at New York New York, and then picking up our daughter at the airport. Tomorrow…. Elton John!