Curses, Foiled Again

userpic=political-signsOK, I’ll fess up. I’m not running for state senator. I didn’t get a lot of “yeah, go for it”, nor do I think I could do the “press the flesh” and raise all the money. Although Kickstarter is a great idea given the success of Veronica Mars, I don’t think you can use it for political purposes. Certainly, you couldn’t give patronage positions via Kickstarter.  P.S.: Another clue was the music on the original post.

Still, I wasn’t joking about the issues of concern, and I intend to keep talking about those. I’m also extremely bothered by the response to the Google Doodle. I do believe our government has gotten dysfunctional, but I think I have too much common sense to ever be elected to Congress, let alone the state legislature. However, if anyone ever wants to appoint me to the California Transportation Commission, I’d give it serious consideration.

But then again, I would still love to see “Cats Don’t Dance” on the stage.