A Magnificent Season

In light of my career change decision that I posted about this morning, I’ve been thinking about what project I should work on. Here are some possibilities.

P.S.: In other news, Sam Zell has renamed Tribune Corporation as ZellCoMedia (don’t believe me? check out the Tribune Website), describing the company as “America’s largest employee-pwned media company. We’re so 1337 that other companies wish they were us. They wake up and say, “Hey, I wonder what ZellCoMediaEnterprises Inc. is doing today. I bet they’re doing an April Fool’s Day gag. Why didn’t we think of that?” Then they read amNY, post some pics on enginehead.com then go to work and whine about how the Cubs are so going to beat the Yankees this year. The winds of change are blowing.” They also plan to go to a paperless operation, using Edible Ink and Licorice Printing System. In case you get some fake page, here’s what it looked like.