ACSAC 2012 Last Day / Friday Fun

ACSAC Last Day:

Today was the last day of ACSAC. Had a great session on Continuous Monitoring from Ron Ross. That was followed by an even greater panel session with me (on Collaborative Protection Profiles), Mike McEviley (on System Security Engineering), and Ron (well, supposedly on Overlays, but he never got to that topic).

After the end of ACSAC, got the office packed up (as I usually do), and got all the boxes shipped (as I usually do, educating FedEx Office along the way).

Friday Fun:

After the conference, we went to the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. This is a really cool museum in Winter Park with loads and loads of Tiffany glass — lamps, windows, and other stuff. Dinner was at a great Turkish restaurant, Bosphorous. Now we need to find Turkish food in LA (hmmm, there may be some place in Reseda). Tomorrow… Epcot!

ETA (while I’m waiting for a download to finish): Winter Park is a really neat Orlando community. Hipster neighborhood, with lots of funky stores and restaurants. Loads of ethnic cuisine, art stores, and such. A very different image of Orlando than the touristy places where we are staying near Downtown Disney.

Friday Un-Fun:

When we got back to the hotel, we got in the elevator to go to our room. Around the third floor (we were on the fifth), a jerk and… nothing. We were stuck in the elevator. After about 15 minutes, we were freed (they are comping Sunday morning breakfast… which happens to be the Character brunch!)

After that, I logged into work. Someone at work is trying, on Friday, to schedule a meeting at 5pm Pacific on Tuesday. That doesn’t fly for me, and probably flies even less well for folks on the East Coast.  Sigh. I’ll likely have to do some work Monday from home.

ETA #2: The hotel is filled with a pre-teen cheerleaders convention, as well as a bunch of Pop-Warner boys (and a bunch of medical coders, but they are OK). First, I feel like Miss Hannigan from Annie: “Little girls, little girls, everywhere I look I see them”. Second, I start to realize I’m in “Get off my lawn” mode, especially when the kids are noisy in the hall or in the pool that faces our room. Sigh. Another demonstration I’m getting older.


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