ACSAC Update #2

I’ve been a busy busy boy at the conference. A few highlights before I go to bed…

  • Ron Ross gave a very good opening keynote, made even more amazing when you realize he did it with a major toothache.
  • Marshall and I ended up doing the tutorial. It was very well received. Want to see it? Come to GSAW 2012!
  • Last night, Ross Anderson gave a great talk on the economics of computer security. If I was 20 years younger, I might be interested in research in that field.
  • The Conference Dinner was delightful. I had a wonderful conversation with the folks from @sec; there was also some great conversation with some grad students from UC Riverside.
  • This morning I went to Ron’s talk on -53 Revision 4. Good talk.
  • This afternoon I went to an excellent panel on software assurance. Got to see Kris Britton — haven’t seen Kris in years!
  • This afternoon’s talk by Eran Feigenbaum of Google on Cloud Security was also very very good.
  • Tonight was the conference committee dinner at a Brazilian restaurant. I’m stuffed.

One more morning, and ACSAC 2012 is over. ACSAC 2013 in New Orleans!