Just a Little Election Reminder…

By now, I’m sure you’re tired of the election. If you are in a swing state, you are especially tired of the Presidential election. If you are not, you believe your vote for President is meaningless, but you’re tired of the election anyone.

I’d like to make a plea. Even if you are tired, vote. Vote as if your life depends on it, for it does.

No, I’m not necessarily talking about the Presidential election. I’m in California, and voting for Obama. I’m one of many Democrats, and if I was Republican, I’d be outnumbered by those Democrats. So I might think my vote doesn’t count… but it does.

There are many contests on your ballot. Propositions. Congress. Senate. Local. Local measures. Some are competitive; some are not. But there is at least one of those measures or people that will have a direct impact on your life, and the contest going the way you want depends on you getting out there and casting your vote. It is vital that you vote.

For me, that issue is Proposition 30. It will directly affect my pocketbook by affecting UC tuition. But for someone else, it may be the Senate election. The state assembly. Other propositions. But I guarantee you, at least one will affect you, and you must vote.

You can find my positions on all the ballot candidates and propositions here (state propositions), here (federal offices), and here (state and local offices and local measures). You can find my thoughts on the various debates here (3rd debate)here (2nd debate), and here (1st Debate), and here’s a pointer to my observations on the VP debate.

(insert contest here) is depending on you. Get out and vote!