Livejournal Update

Note: As of this morning, I’ve updated the Livejournal Crossposter plugin on WordPress to crosspost to Dreamwidth instead of Livejournal. Dreamwidth will then crosspost to Livejournal. Yes, this means a longer footer on Livejournal. That’s life.

I’ve also enabled commenting on Dreamwidth. This is solely due to problems with OpenID comments on the WordPress blog on Dreamwidth’s end of things: it doesn’t seem to be able to handle the OpenID interaction with the Social Login plugin. I do encourage readers to comment on the WordPress blog. I’ve provided a lovely themed button at the bottom of each post to make that easy for you.

Note: At the present time, I’ve opted not to import my posts and comments from LJ. I’ve got the posts already imported into the WordPress blog, so I don’t need to do the import for backup reasons. As for the comments, I’ve been alerted to some concerns regarding ownership and accessibility of comments when they move from LJ to DW, so I’ll leave them at LJ for the time being. Note, however, that if LJ decides to change the meaning of “permanent” when they do their account change, then I may change this decision.

There will be some side effects of the WP-DW-LJ side of things. Primarily, I”m limited on icons at DW being a free account. Given that I’m embedding my icons in each post for WordPress, I’m just going to use the default icon and let the post itself provide the icon.

I’m still looking for plugins to improve the commenting form on WordPress, and to help me move those images hosted on Livejournal Scrapbook into my WordPress media gallery. Suggestions are welcome.

Now, to go and adjust all the clocks around the house…



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  1. Speaking of LiveJournal changes, adding in the Dreamwidth step reminded me of something: Your WordPress crossposter uses an image with black numbers and a transparent image to show how many comments you’ve received here. This makes the number difficult to read on dark-colored backgrounds. Is it possible to change that to using a solid contrasting background?

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