Celiac Disease

An article on Celiac Disease has made the front page of CNN. ’bout damn time.

For those who don’t know, Celiac Disease is an auto-immune deficiency where the small intestine reacts to the presence of gluten, the protein component of grains such as wheat, rye, and barley (and usually oats, due to cross-contamination). Once thought to be very rare, it is now estimated to affect 1% of the population. There are a variety of symptoms, which are detailed in the article.

I’m very familiar with Celiac, as my wife (gf_guruilla— now the name should make sense) has been dealing with it for almost 10+ years now. The way to address the disease is simple: go to a gluten free lifestyle. She’s very active in the Celiac Disease Foundation, and is working on a gluten-free cookbook that uses healthy grains (most gluten-free cooking, such as the books by Betty Hagman, use a lot of white rice/tapioca flour blends as substitutes, which is similar to using white flour). Hopefully, having the new machines at home should help: it should now be easy to work with her recipe database and to write the book—an Athelon running Windows XP is more friendly than a 486/33 running Windows 3.1!