I’m Tired

It’s been a long day.

I took today off of work so I could do some stuff around the house, and to take my daughter to the Indian Princesses end of year party.

The stuff around the house consisted of moving computers around to their eventual locations. So both myself and gf_guruilla have our new computers, and all of the data (I think) has been moved. Applications have been installed and the one update procured [aside: Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 has one of the slowest installs I’ve ever seen—even on XP it took about ½ hour!]. A few things just wouldn’t install right on XP Home: XG/XS Enhanced Mixer, Motherboard Monitor 5 (at least on the HP), and the software and driver for my Agfa SnapScan 1212u scanner [which was a piezoshit anyway]. Everything else seems to be running just fine, even MealMaster, an ancient DOS program we still use, and Personal Health Journal, a Windows 3.1 program.

Tonight was also our final Indian Princesses event. It was a pool party at one of the dad’s houses (and quite a beautiful house it was). The girls (and most of the dads) swam. We enjoyed steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, corn, marshmallows on the grill, and other yummies. We did crafts, and sat and talked. A good time was had by all.

Tomorrow ellipticcurve is coming over to help establish the network between the computers, and to help us plan death and wanton destruction in our house (a/k/a remodeling and rearranging various rooms)—which will include a trip to that bastion of all things remodeled: Ikea!

Now to deal with all the new computer paperwork, rebate forms, and all that rot. Why they can’t just lower the prices in the first place is beyond me.