Unclear on the Concept

As I often do on the weekends, I’m recording LPs to my iPod. Yesterday, in the thrift store, I picked up the album “Rhymes and Reasons“, John Denver’s 1969 debut album. On this song are two very political songs: (1) “The Ballad of Spiro Agnew” by Tom Paxton, which is simply “I’ll sing of Spiro Agnew, and all the things he’s done.” (and the song ends)… and (2) “The Ballad of Richard Nixon”, which is just 5 seconds of silence. But this doesn’t deter Amazon or others. Amazon is willing to sell you a 5-second silent track for 99c. Do a search for it, and you’ll find sites willing to let you download the track as a ring-tone (I don’t imagine it would be very effective), or that purport to be the lyrics to the song.

My quandry: Should I be an ideological purist and put the track on my iPod?

Music: Rhymes and Reasons (John Denver): (You Dun Stomped) On My Heart