A Song in/of My Heart

At noon (Pacific) in San Francisco, in honor of Valentine’s Day, there will be a concerted effort to get the entire city to sing along with Tony Bennett‘s classic “I Left My Heart in San Francisco“. I know this because the LA Times has a nice article on the effort, including a discussion of why “I Left My Heart…” is not the official city song (answer: because Quentin Kopp hates it). Now I’ve never heard of the song Kopp likes (something from a 1936 film), so I’d go with the Bennett standard myself.

Now, Los Angeles doesn’t have an official city song to my knowledge (although both Los Angeles County and LAX do, although I’ve never heard them). If LA did want a song, my vote would go for Randy Newman’s “I Love LA“, which I always thought should be our song.

So, here’s my question to you: Does your city/community have an official song? Is it the song you would pick? And in honor of Valentine’s Day, does it have to do with love?

[P.S.: From the grammarians out there: Should Valentine’s Day be like Caesars Palace, which eschews the apostrophe because Jay Sarno (its founder) felt that every guest was a Caesar, or should it it have the apostrophe because it is the day of [St.] Valentine, hence “Valentine’s Day”. By the way, the same question applies to the upcoming “Presidents”, or is that “President’s”, day.]

Music: Dueling Banjos (Eric Weissberg, Steve Mandel): Bugle Call Rag