I Hate the Pantages!

Every time I have to deal with the Pantages and Broadway LA, I’m reminded that I absolutely hate the Pantages, and I long for the days the tours came into a decent venue like the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion or the Shubert. I’m also reminded that I absolutely hate Ticketmaster and their service charges.

What triggered this outburst today? I’d been waiting for the turn of the year to order a Flex Package of Four Musicals at the Pantages (Billy Elliot, The Addams Family, Million Dollar Quartet, and Memphis). I knew it would be pricey for three subs, but the ticket prices would be better than normal pricing. For those shows and dates we were looking it, it was about $25 a seat for Billy (only Section E was available), and about $38.25 for the other shows in Section D, for a total of (gulp) just over $400. That I could live with — this is the Pantages, after all, and they rarely do half-price tickets except on weeknights.

When I go to check out, however, Ticketmaster wants to add a $98 service charge. That’s right… almost $100. Now I’d be willing to do a $20-$25 service charge — that’s normal for season ticket packages. But $100? That’s on the order of treating this as single tickets, and at that point, I’ll just go to the box office, thankyoumaam.

The Pantages is overpriced, has horrible sound and sight lines, and remains tied to Ticketmaster. I only patronize it because that’s where these particular shows are. I really wish we had a better venue for the tours that can’t get into the Ahmanson Theatre.

Music: Stringin’ Along with Chet Atkins (Chet Atkins): St. Louis Blues



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