Gaming the Year

Back when I was in high-school — quite likely before many of you were born or at least talking — I wasn’t the partying type (I’m still not). I wasn’t into going out dancing or drinking. Instead, I spent New Years Eve playing Diplomacy with a bunch of friend until the wee hours of the ‘morn. This continued when I was in college, having people over to play Diplomacy or Machiavelli or other games I had learned in the UCLA Computer Club. Fast forward to today, over 30 years later. I’m still doing New Years Eve Gaming nights, having new and old friends over for a quiet evening of strategy, food, and friendship.

Last night was no exception. We had about 15 people over — a mix of long time friends and new friends; a mix of people we see regularly and some we’d like to see more regularly. We played games. I personally played Cat 5, Traumfabrik, Days of Steam, Metro, 10 Days in the Americas, 10 Days in Africa, 10 Days in the U.S.A., and two good games of Coloretto. Other folks played D&D, Dominion, Monty Python Fluxx, and Lord of the Ring.

I think how you start the year serves to influence the rest of your year. Do you want to start it in a drunken stupor surrounded by strangers? Would you rather start it surrounded by friends, doing something intellectually stimulating? I prefer the latter.

Whatever your choice, you have my wishes for the happiest of new (calendar) years.

Music: Louis Armstrong In The 30’s – Fats Waller Last Testament 1943 (Louis Armstrong): Jeeper’s Creepers