T-1 Week until ACSAC

Well, it’s that time of year again. Next week at this time I’ll be at the University Park Marriott in Tucson AZ starting the tutorial program for the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference. This will be my 15th year as Tutorial Chair, and my first year as Conference Chair Emeritus.

Today, I just finished submitting the printing order to FedExKinkos. You know, the process used to be easy. 15 years ago, I would just submit hard copy with printed instructions. More recently, I would just FTP the files into a submission directory, and email instructions. This year, however, has been a P-I-T-A. If you are doing a brain-dead simple order, you can use their “File, Print, Kinkos” option. But this doesn’t work if you want colored paper, or a color cover different from the rest of the document. I tried using their Special Order pages, but this only seemed to work for the first document; subsequent documents would hang. So, I had to resort to the old-fashioned emailing of each document, following up everything with a phone call to make sure it is all in. Of course, when I tried calling, their phone system was having trouble….

But in it all is, and so relivied I am. Speaking funny I am as well. Monday, be it must. And goes it so.