Mary Travers is in Remission / Musings on Folk Music

AP is reporting that Mary Travers‘ leukemia is in remission after a April bone marrow transplant (although the picture in that article is horrible). As a result of this improvement, Peter, Paul, and Mary will be doing a holiday concert Dec. 9 in Manhattan’s Carnegie Hall. The recovery has been documented on the PP&M Website, and they have started actually scheduling a spring tour (although, alas, no dates yet in Southern California).

I’m pleased to see this news about Mary. It’s hard to see the musical groups you enjoyed in your youth getting older. The members of PP&M are in their late 60s and 70s. I’m sure Tom Paxton (who also has no Southern California shows scheduled) is similarly aged. Mick Jagger gets Modern Maturity.

Perhaps this is why I’m more into Broadway of late. It seems more timeless.