Sheriff John and other History

Item The First. As you have probably figured out by now, I have fond memories of Sheriff John, a childrens television host here in Los Angeles. So, you can imagine how pleased I was to see an update regarding the Sheriff (who’s real name is John Rovick) in Gary Lycan’s Radio column:

Yes, the name “Sheriff John” carries many of us back to our childhood, or if you are younger, maybe your parents who grew up here spoke of the popular local TV personality in the ’50s and ’60s who entertained us daily with his Lunch Brigade show on channel 11.

John Rovick got his start in Toledo radio, so he qualifies for a shout-out here, and I’ve heard from many of you over the years you love knowing whatever happened to your favorites of yesteryear.

So, thanks to David Grudt, who was in Idaho recently and got to visit with “Sheriff John” in Boise. He sent this note to

“He turned 90 last October and is in an assisted living facility. John’s mind is still sharp. My friend and I were there for 90 minutes chatting about his years in the business….John still has that great smile” Grudt had two Imperial Records for “Sheriff John” to sign. One was a blue label 45, “Laugh and Be Happy.”

Item The Second. You may also know that another area of interest of mine is grocery stores, specifically the history thereof. Therefore, I was quite interested when I read in Curbed LA that the historic “Marina” style ex-Safeway (now a Vons) at Santa Monica and Barrington is being torn down to be replaced with a Pavilions. Even more interesting was paragraph:

With this new one, the Pavilions just up the street at Wilshire and Stoner will likely close in the next few years, according to officials. The Pavilions project on Santa Monica Boulevard comes on the heels of two recent mixed-use projects in this area, so it looks like gentrification is rearing its head even during the Great Recession.

Now, I remember when that Pavilions went in. It was during the reconstruction at Wilshire and Stoner that replaced a Ralphs with the new store; that Ralphs was previously a Market Basket (I know all this because my parent’s office was at Wilshire and Barrington, right above Diamond Jims). At the time they built that store, it was to serve the senior community at the Barrington Plaza. I guess those seniors have up and died, because no senior is going to be able to walk the hill past Uni Hi to Santa Monica.