You’re Getting Thirsty….

Here are a few interesting news items from lunchtime news reading, all dealing with libations in one way or another:

  • From the “The Old Brown Jug” Department: The NY Times has a nice article today on the resurgence of… moonshine. Yup, that old “white dog” is back (that’s what was in those XXX brown jugs): the distilled grain liquor that hasn’t been aged and acquired its color yet. Note, however, that this is definately a case of “don’t try this at home”—that is, making the stuff, not drinking the stuff.
  • From the “And You Thought Guinness Was Strong” Department: Speaking of distillation, the LA Times has an interesting article on how breweries are competing to make the strongest beer, that is, a beer with the highest alcohol content. This includes “Tactical Nuclear Penguin,” a stout that measures 32% alcohol, and a 41% “quadruple India Pale Ale” called “Sink the Bismarck”.
  • From the “Some Coffee Will Sober You Up” Department: After all that drinking, you’ll want some coffee. The LA Times has an interesting article on whether the quest for the perfect cup of coffee has gone too far? Has it become absurd? Whatever happened to a basic cup of coffee?

Now, I must disclose that none of this has meaning for me. I’ve (luckily) never acquired a taste for hard liquor, and as for beer, I think I’ve only tasted one that I could actually swallow more than a sip. Coffee? My attitude is that coffee is only palatable covered in dark chocolate or blended into ice cream.

For me, the best “liquor” is a great tea.