Words. Words. Words.

A few articles of interest from my lunchtime reading of the news…

  • From the “Dongda Anus Hospital” Department: We’ve all made fun of it: Engrish, or more properly Chinglish—the poorly translated Chinese-to-English signage that is so funny to read. Well, the NY Times has an article on Chinglish, and how the Shanghai Commission for the Management of Language Use (perhaps we need one of those in the DOD) is working to correct the more egregous cases. However, some feel that Chinglish is an endangered species that deserves preservation.
  • From the “I Don’t Know Which is Scarier?” Department: In reading my RSS feeds today, I saw the following Playbill headline: “Flynn to Direct and Janki to Choreograph Family Matters, the Musical”. This scared me, for it made me envision a musical version of the Family Matters sitcom, with a singing and dancing Steve Urkel and all the other members of the Winslow family. Then I read the article and got scared a second time: they weren’t talking about Family Matters, the sitcom, they were referring to “The Berenstain Bears in Family Matters, the Musical.”. Singing and dancing Berenstain Bears. Argh. Where’s that brain bleach when you need it.

And this, this pointless poll: