News Chum for a Friday Lunch

It’s been a busy week, as evidenced by my short posts the last few days. Still, I have accumulated a bit of new chum to share:

  • From the “What’s Wrong With This Picture” Department: The OC Register has a nice article on the opening of some new toll lanes on the Route 241 freeway. However, at the end of the article they note:

    Four cell towers also are being erected along the 241 in that area to address a frequent complaint of dropped cell-phone calls around the 91/241 connector.

    Umm, aren’t folks not supposed to be using cellphones while driving (ideally, even hands-free due to the distraction). In a similar “think about what you’re writing” vein, an article about how Orange County bought a strip club, and then evicted the neighboring contractor supply business included the lines:

    “We’re not going to fight to operate our business the way we have for 20 years,” Arredondo said. “We’ll go to another city that will be happy to have us. It is very expensive to fight city hall. In this market, there are a lot more cities who are friendly to business.”

    That city is San Fernando, in Los Angeles.

    Now, I realized that the folks “down south” are a little challenged, but San Fernando is it’s own city (in the county of Los Angeles); it is not part of the City of Los Angeles. Sure, every LA community and city looks alike…

  • From the “Let Your Fingers Do The…” Department: It appears the internet is poised to kill another product: The SF Chronicle is reporting that the white-page phonebook may go the way of the dodo. There seems to be this assumption taking place that every member of society can afford an internet connected phone and a computer, or that the Internet would never fail us. It may come back to bite us.
  • From the “What Are You Wearing?” Department: The NY Times is reporting how some schools are outlawing costumes for being too scary or politically incorrect. That’s right: don’t come to school as a zombie, Jason, or even a pirate. Come as a box of cereal or a fairy. This hit my daughter this year: She’s going as Annie Oakley (“Annie Get Your Gun”), but notes that a lasso is not the accessory for a sharpshooter. Last year she went as Mrs. Lovett (“Sweeney Todd”), but luckily all she needed was a rolling pin (but I don’t think she could bring that to school either). Are we becoming overly PC or protective? Don’t answer that…