Northridge Halloween Observations

  • A number of our neighbors do big Halloween displays. As a result, we get less neighborhood kids, and much more “drive-in” trick-or-treating. In some ways, I prefer the neighborhood kids, as you get to say “hi”.
  • I much prefer creative costumes to store-bought, and creative masks to stock masks. It is, however, fun to see the parents dressing up.
  • My favorite costume was this youth in a suit and tie with a metal briefcase, going “tax or treat”. I thought he was a Wall-Street banker. I was scared.
  • My favorite adult (no names) was the father who came to the door with a shot glass. He got Chivas.
  • The kids are coming in waves. Young and old. Toddlers and high-school kids. Yet our high school kid is off at a party, leaving us to attend the door. We even have some college kids.
  • It’s disturbing, however, to see some of the costumes, which are much more sexed-up than children ought to be wearing. Then again, we’ve had a number of kids dressed as priests. Again, scary.
  • We’ve had a large number of kids with wings. Must be the “in” thing.
  • By the end of the evening, we went through about 3 large bags, or about 15 lbs, of candy. No, I didn’t eat it all. Just a few pieces.